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Thinking of Saying ‘I Do’ with a Skype Wedding?

Well, you Might Want to Reconsider. Online Skype Weddings (Probably) Aren't Legal. Read More

Why You Need a Squad If You're Getting Married In Coronavirus Times

Spring and summer brides, we totally get why you’re feeling like “why is this happening to [coronvir]us?!?!!” And while we can’t guarantee that it’ll all be OK, we're happy to show up as your support squad. Read More

How A Wedding Venue Is Dealing With Covid-19

For all your couples with upcoming weddings, it's understandable if you're feeling stressed about your big day! See how this venue is dealing with the recent outbreak. Read More

8 Reasons The Greenery Wedding Trend Is Here to Stay

We have all the reasons why you need to add more greenery to your wedding design. Read More

This Site Makes Collecting All Your Wedding Photos So Easy

Pics or it didn’t happen, right? Well, with the help of this free site, you will have ALL the pics. We promise. Read More

Thinking Ahead: Spring Decorating Trends for 2020 Weddings

Lighting, pastels, and crystals, oh my! Check out these decor trends for Spring. Read More

Your Wedding Hairstyle Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Let the stars be your wedding hair guide. Read More

Top 10 Destination Wedding Locations

Start your destination wedding planning here! Read More

5 Things to Keep In Mind for a Killer Outdoor Wedding

You definitely take a risk with an outdoor wedding, but if you can work with Mother Nature and not against her, you’ll come out on the other side, rainbow and all. Read More

East Coast Soul Is The 5-Star Band Your Wedding Needs

These guys rock! Read More

On Trend Reception Ideas For 2020

We have six ideas that will keep your big day on-trend even in the future! Read More

Lab Grown Diamonds Are The Next Best Thing From Great Heights

Great Heights is changing the diamond industry standard one diamond at a time. Read More

Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deals From Our Vendors To You

We have the best vendors AND the best deals! Read More

10 High-Tech Ways to Make Your Wedding Even More Memorable

... and no, you don't need to be a tech wizard to use these! Read More

Bridesmaid Dresses Are Under $100 For Black Friday At Kennedy Blue

Save big this Black Friday! Sign up for early access. Read More

A Guide to Using Sparklers for Your Wedding Send-Off

Be prepared for a truly memorable exit from your wedding! Read More

How To Have The Perfect Tented Wedding

Sperry Tents gave us some wedding tent advice thank you NEED to know! Read More

Start Your Wedding Planning With Wedding Chicks!

How to best use the Wedding Chicks site to plan your big day! Read More

We're Engaged, Now What? Wedding Tips For Couples

Trust us, you’re gonna want to pin these for later! Read More

Personalize Your Bridal Party in Homebodii’s Cute Bridal Robes

Check out these cute robes + pajamas for you and your bridal party! Read More

We Are Swooning Over This Florence Engagement Session

and you have to see who put it all together! Read More

Wedding Planning Decision Making Made Easy

Expert opinions and great wedding day hacks this way! Read More

How To Ease Your Wedding Day Photo Nerves

Weddings By Ray and their team of professional photographers are here to help! Read More

Wedding Insurance Definitely Needs to Be a Line Item In Your Budget

You insure your car, your apartment/house, and even your ring… so when it comes to your wedding day, why would insuring it even be a question? Read More

Where to Find Your Wedding Vendors If You’ve Given Up on the Gram

Look, we loveeee using Instagram for wedding inspiration and to find people to work with - but when it gets too overwhelming, and you’ve had it, you might want to consider a different route for dream team screening. Read More

We Have All The Reasons Why You Should Honeymoon in Ireland

Your honeymoon should be an adventure of a lifetime and we're gonna help you get there. Read More

10 Decorative Ideas for Planning a Multicultural Wedding

Make your multicultural wedding unforgettable with these tips! Read More

Free Wedding Websites to Check Out As Soon As You Get Engaged

Sure, you can get married without a wedding website, but why would you want to? Especially when these pretties are FREE! Read More

How to Make Sure You Don’t Get Too Drunk On Your Wedding Day

Remember how everyone always says “take it all in, because the day goes by in blur?” Yah, well, you don’t want to make it any blurrier .. Read More

No One Wants to be Asked to Be a Bridesmaid Last Minute

And then on top of it, be shamed for saying no….. Read More

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