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Wedding Insurance Definitely Needs to Be a Line Item In Your Budget

You insure your car, your apartment/house, and even your ring… so when it comes to your wedding day, why would insuring it even be a question?

Where to Find Your Wedding Vendors If You’ve Given Up on the Gram

Look, we loveeee using Instagram for wedding inspiration and to find people to work with - but when it gets too overwhelming, and you’ve had it, you might want to consider a different route for dream team screening.

New Shoes on SALE!

"Out with the Old" and "In with the New" Tons of news shoes arriving from Badgley Mischka, Bella Belle and Rachel Simpson, which means ...

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We Have All The Reasons Why You Should Honeymoon in Ireland

Your honeymoon should be an adventure of a lifetime and we're gonna help you get there.

10 Decorative Ideas for Planning a Multicultural Wedding

Make your multicultural wedding unforgettable with these tips!

Free Wedding Websites to Check Out As Soon As You Get Engaged

Sure, you can get married without a wedding website, but why would you want to? Especially when these pretties are FREE!

How to Make Sure You Don’t Get Too Drunk On Your Wedding Day

Remember how everyone always says “take it all in, because the day goes by in blur?” Yah, well, you don’t want to make it any blurrier…

No One Wants to be Asked to Be a Bridesmaid Last Minute

And then on top of it, be shamed for saying no…..

The Best Ways to Use Venmo at the Wedding

We’re going to say that Venmo joins the ranks of Google Docs and group texts as one of the best technologies relevant to tying the knot…

Your One Stop Entertainment Shop Is EddyGee Entertainment

If you're looking to hire a professional team ready to take your event to the next level, then Eddygee Entertainment Inc. is your one stop shop for all your event entertainment needs.

Lessons from Lauren Conrad’s Own Wedding Planner

If you’re not already listening to LC’s “Asking for a Friend” podcast, it’s time to start!

Why You Don’t Want to Shop for the Dress Too Early

Sure, the early bird catches the worm… but the early bride can catch a lot more than she bargains for (like anxiety, weird feelings about the dress, and a scarily stressful overall experience).

Top-Stylist Irina Borodina Is Looking for Brides Like You

Need a hair and make-up stylist in the Houston area? Irina will have you looking flawless for your wedding day.

How to Guarantee Your Baller Guest Status By RSVP-ing On Time

Don’t be the worst, just send that response in - you have like SO many weeks to do it.

When Your Parents Want to Invite All Their Friends to Your Wedding

And you're ready to combust... take a breath, drink some wine, and try out these tips. Because “It’s our day, we don’t need your crew there for OUR I Dos” only goes so far…

Where to Start Planning When It’s Only Just Begun

Did MDW vibes have you going from girlfriend to future wifey? Well, we know exactly where you should start planning…

How to Throw a Boozy Brunch to End the Post-Wedding Blues

Sure, the wedding might be over, but there’s NO need to stop partying!

Post-Wedding Depression & How To Overcome It

PWD can strike when you least expect it. If you're experiencing post-wedding blues, know that you're not alone! Jane is here to help.

5 Reasons You Need to Make a Wedding Website

And we really shouldn’t even say ‘make,’ because there are SOOO many templates out there, you legit just have to drag and drop. It’s easy AF.

How to Keep Track of Your Guests Easily and Pain-Free

Addresses, RSVPs, meal preferences, etc. we’ll help you streamline it all.

The Perfect Teeth Whitening System for Your Special Day

Yes, white teeth are paramount but that perfect smile requires on-point lips too. And these pros can help you get there…

Top Things to Think About When You’re Wedding Venue Shopping

After the ring comes, the search is on, so here’s everything you’ll need to keep top of mind when you’re making your venue rounds.

6 Real Brides Share Their Best-Ever Wedding Advice

Because, really, who best to hear from than brides themselves?

What to Do When You Need to Cancel Your Wedding

It happens a lot more often than you think… ugh.

7 Things That The First Year of Marriage Teaches You

And this is across the board!

5 Reasons Why You Might Want to Forgo a Full Bridal Squad

Apparently Rachel Lindsay isn’t having bridesmaids, but you know what, it’s actually not the worst idea in the world, by far.

6 Things the MOH Needs to Handle the Morning of the Wedding

Rise and shine, sweetheart, you’ve got some work to do!

14 of the Chicest Under $1700 Engagement Rings on Etsy

How much are you supposed to pay for an engagement ring these days? WTFC! These rings are all under $1,700, and we’d say ‘HELL YES’ to any of them!

Why You Want to Enlist a Floral Designer Who Does Events Too

When you have someone who does both, you end up with a perfectly-curated event!

How to Be Best Friends and Brides at the Same Time

Bride Wars isn’t just a movie… all that s*** can go down IRL.

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