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12 Month Wedding Timeline + One Of A Kind Wedding Gifts

Master the art of-of wedding planning with this 12-month wedding checklist.

Your Big Moment Starts with a Little Jewelry Box

A little ring is never a little thing. Go big this holiday with the ultimate customized ring. Find your favorite trend and add the perfect center stone to make it truly you.


7 Ways to Pay It Forward With Your Nuptials

It’s National Philanthropy Day, so we only felt it fitting to dish on the greatest ways to give back with your wedding!! Read on...

This Bride’s Vows Have Gone Viral for a V. Special Reason

She not only promised to love and cherish her new hubby from now till forever, she vowed to do it for her stepson and his mommy, too… Can’t handle how sweet.

5 Ways to Cheer You Up Once You’re Done Saying ‘I Do’

Yeah, you read that right… We’re going to sound off on that #somethingblue AFTER the wedding. Because feeling sad once your wedding is over is real, but totally cope-able.

10 Times Minted Fit Seamlessly Into The Wedding

See real photos of Minted designs that fit perfectly in actual weddings.

Free Custom Wedding Printables

Art Deco Free Printable Wedding Invites

Vintage Letter Free Printable Wedding Monogram

Hearts and Polka Dots Free Printable Save the Date Cards

14 Country Songs Perfect For Your First Dance

Whether you’re a little bit country, and he’s a little bit rock-n-roll (or vice versa!), these songs have it all + some twang to help you celebrate tying the knot and taking your next step.

10 Romantic Songs For Your First Dance

The first dance can be nerve-wracking & exciting. Just to be sure you are nailing this, we have composed a list of 10 romantic songs you'll make you want to sway.

Why Everyone Is Using Their PayPal Account To Pay For Their Wedding

Make things easier on yourself! Keep track and pay for all your wedding purchases via PayPal.

Five Quotes You Might Want to Pirate for Your next Toast

Might I suggest making your way to a cozy spot in your house and don't forget the tissue. These 5 toasts will give you all the feels.

Seven Things Good Wedding Guests Do

Calling all wedding guests. Let's don't let our freak flags fly, mmmmk?

Plan Your Wedding

10 Wedding Planning Dos And Dont's

No joke, planning your wedding is like a part time job, you're going to need all the tips and tricks you can get.

Blanc de Bleu Cuvee Mousseux.


Wedding Gift Giving Etiquette

Helpful advice to navigate gift giving for a wedding.

New Couple Last Name Grammar Rules

Let's get one thing straight, I can't type. I missed the boat on learning properly, but I know grammar.

6 Reasons to Consider Wedding Dress Shopping By Yo-Self

Sometimes bringing a gaggle of girls with you while you shop can be more harm than good. So, we've put together a list of reasons why you may want to fly solo for this one...

20 Wedding Traditions From Around The Globe

Beautiful and meaningful traditions from around the world.

Shop and Discover

Wedding Professionals share their latest Goods & Work

This Is Us Hunk Is a Hubby and We Can't Get Over His Vows

First we fell in love with him and we said GEE, then he got engaged and we said WHEE, and now he’s married and all we can say is OH EM GEEEEE!!!

Play This At My Wedding And You Can Say Buh-Bye To Your Tip

Brides are saying eff NO to the ‘Chicken Dance’ at their weddings… can’t blame ‘em. Check out what else couples are striking from the set lists!

I love my wedding but … I hate planning it.

We're getting honest about the realities of planning a wedding with Jane McGraw, founder of The Press Play.

10 Noteworthy Relationship Tips for Newlyweds

10 newlywed tips that will help you survive your first year of marriage.

5 Times The Bride Should Receive A Gift

A beautiful piece of jewelry is always an amazing option for a bride. We're sharing five milestones when it's a great idea to share this precious gift with the bride.

7 Tips To Saving Your Marriage

Don't be like Anna Faris and Chris Pratt. Follow these easy tips for a healthy and happy marriage.

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6 Tips I wished I'd Known Before I Started My Wedding Registry

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Demi Lovato Just Showed Us All How to Congratulate Your Ex

Demi Lovato just proved she’s one of the classiest chicks ever, congratulating her ex, Joe Jonas, on his engagement. She even used !!! that’s def saying something...

5 Simple Sex Tips That Every Man Should Read

All ladies are different, but most of us can agree on these five things.

6 Reasons You’ll Want to Be Someone’s +1

Being a +1 might just mean you’ll be walking down the aisle next…

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The United States of Wedding Songs

Do you and your state have the same music tastes? Spotify seems to think you might, check out what song your state is most likely to jam out to while tying the knot!

How to Keep the Dance Floor Packed at Your Wedding With Rescue Flats

Start your wedding dance party off right. Give guests a pair of Rescue Flats so they can DANCE the night away.

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