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Thomas Bui Lifestyle

A signature Thomas Bui Lifestyle event pauses the hand of time, and from one moment to the next, beautifully escorts a creative vision to life. Whether its glamour meets ultra chic or romance meets elegant sophistication, a canvas for the unforgettable is painted with our palate of design mastery.

For over a decade, Thomas Bui Lifestyle has designed distinctive weddings, social and corporate events throughout the United States. With consuming passion and avant-garde sensibility, any environment is transformed into a space uniquely yours.

Fashion plays a pivotal role in every event, with brushes of inspiration from Giorgio Armani, Coco Chanel and Valentino. From pristine style and luminous energy to modern couture coupled with a seductive ambiance, breathtaking décor and design elements are sure to leave a stunning and lasting impression for all those in attendance.

Revered as much for their beauty as for their originality, the works of Thomas Bui Lifestyle have been featured in The Bride & Bloom, Exquisite Weddings, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Inside Weddings, San Diego Style Weddings, The Wall Street Journal and the San Diego Business Journal.