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EraGem has a substantial inventory of previously owned modern style diamond and engagement rings. Purchasing a pre-owned diamond has an added benefit of being environmentally responsible, as no new mining or production is required. What buyers often don’t know is that many advertised “new” diamond rings have feature previously owned stones. When shopping for a great deal on a nice diamond, consider purchasing a ring that has been reconditioned to like new, and save money.

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15 Great Ways to Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly


Let’s face it, everyone is trying their darnedest to clean up the environment. So how do you put on a big shindig like your wedding without making too much of a mess? Well you are in luck we have 15 great ways to make your wedding eco-friendly! Come and take a look by clicking here!

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VARESE Weddings

VARESE Weddings
Wedding Coordinating & Styling in Italy

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From VARESE Weddings
We can arrange events in famous castles, villas, palazzos and civil halls matching them with the best venues and services, in order to create a perfect ceremony .We can offer simple ceremonies only for the couple as big events for groups. If your looking for a special place for your most special day, you’ve only to decide when and with whom and we will take care of all!

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