Photo Credit: Louisa Marion Photography (1+3), Krysta Manthe (2+4), Canary Gray (5), Photogen Inc. (6,7,8,9,20), Emma Freeman (10+11), Laura Ivanova (12), Kate Botwinski (13), Ashley Nguyen (14), Geneoh (15), Brandon Werth (16+18), Render Photography (17), Matt Lien (19).

Munster Rose is a wedding design boutique specializing in floral, styling, and event design. We believe in the boom pow big picture, in the marriage of awesome floral and amazing design, in that overwhelming *whoosh* feeling that happens when you enter a space that is absolutely perfect in every way. Detail by memorable detail, we help our clients create a wedding experience that is the perfect balance of O and M and G.

So, you must have insane super hero powers because you couldn’t have gotten the flowers SO RIGHT without plucking the images from my head. So incredibly beautiful that you leave me speechless. The only words I can muster are: thank you. Thank you for being insanely good at your job.
~Clare G.

What you do is truly a gift and I want you to know you brought so much happiness to our day…. You should be so proud of what you created.You are to flowers what the sun is to the moon. Thank you for what you do!
~Brandon + Chelsey

Jackie completely understood….She ordered the perfect flowers for us. She understood that I wanted a bouquet that represented my personality and that my wife (who gets a little less excited about bouquets) wanted something different for her personality. She nailed all of the pieces and understood that DIY and high-end floral can go hand in hand. Most florists will start with colors or types of flowers. Munster Rose is willing to start with the feel of your wedding and the personality of those involved in it. People may tend to think floral isn’t important as weddings get more personalized and the unwritten rules change….I didn’t think floral was that important at first. I WAS WRONG. Our floral made our wedding…. Our details would not have been the same without Munster Rose and I can’t recommend or thank them enough. Choosing to incorporate floral in a real way into your wedding and choosing Munster Rose to make that happen are two choices you will never regret.
~Alyson N.