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JordanQuinn Photography


my name is jordan, middle name quinn. my friends, family, and clients call me “jo.”

i know i was made to create art. being quite the extrovert, i should have known long ago that painting solo in a studio would never hold much fulfillment for me, despite how hard i tried to make a painter\’s life work for me. it\’s the action of life, life as it happens, that interests me. most mornings i wake up with an ache to create, and it\’s the human connection that drives me, energizes me, and paves the way for my very best creativity.

i\’m a sucker for a steaming, strong americano. weekday brunch alone to people watch is one of my favorite pasttimes. i support flea markets, farmer\’s markets, and antique hoarders worldwide. i live a foodie way of life and i\’ve rarely met a scarf i didn\’t like. i\’d save infinitely more money if target didn\’t exist. my closet is not the least bit organized but i couldn\’t be more meticulous about my work.