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Happy Together, Films About You


We like films with simple and unpretentious stories. We love smiles, strong characters and intense hugs.

We are a very Happy Together couple. We walk every day, cook dayly and date a lot! Whenever possible we spend great evenings at the table with good company, good food and good wine. We have a pet dog that is our therapist in hard working days. Our dear Mia, Micocas, Mizona, Miki …

We are cinephiles without prejudice. We consume everything from light comedy with a little action, going through a lot of science fiction to classical and conceptual films. We like it and that’s enough!

In our films, we like to transmit the naturalness of each moment, with a smooth and clean aesthetic. We appreciate true feelings and we love unexpected moments.

We love being part of people’s lives and to create pure and sincere memories.