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Please allow us to offer you our congratulations on your upcoming special occasion and welcome you to the DaVinci website. Da Vinci is an exciting new collection of bridal gowns and brides maids dresses by EMME Bridal, designed to give you an elegant alternative to purchasing from national chain stores, such as David’s Bridal. DaVinci offers popular formal gown styles at low prices you can afford. Get the gown you want at the price you want to pay!

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How To Make A Fake Flower Bridal Bouquet

Before we jump into how to make a fake flower bridal bouquet, we have to give you a little back story. Brooke Allison photographed one of our most popular diys to date – DIY Ombre Sugar Hearts. Be sure to check it out! Long story short she contacted us about doing another DIY and the Diy Hydrangea And Mum Bouquet caught her eye. Like us, she was surprised to find out the flowers were silk. On a mission to create something equally as terrific, she contacted Noreen from Earth Blossom Flowers. Noreen pulled out her magic wand and is now here to show us how to take fake flowers and turn them into a beautiful wedding keepsake.

Now that we have shared how we got here, let’s begin on our fake flower journey. The first thing you need to do is gather up your flowers. You can go to your local craft stores, but we stumbled up on Afloral.com, from the looks of it they have a terrific selection from billy buttons to Peonies and everything in between. The prices are also extremely reasonable. Read on for more instructions and check back tomorrow for the matching Boutonnière diy.

Noreen used the following in our example bouquet: Snowberries,  Succulents, Ivory Garden rose, Peach garden rose, Lamb’s ear, Pink spray roses and  Poppy pods.

You are going to need the following items. All of which can be purchased at your local craft stores.  Birch bark, glue gun, twine, flower wire, flower tape, wire cutters. Vintage pins or brooch if you wanted to add a personalized accessory.

Prepare stems by cutting into useable pieces. Use your wire cutters and and trim off  all the excess leaves, leaving only one or two close to the flower. After you have your single stem flower wire and tape stems as necessary. This allows you to extend the length of a flower easily.

Choose 2-4 flowers to start the base of your bouquet. Noreen started with one stem of lamb’s ear, a couple poppy pods and a stem of ranunculus.

Start building your bouquet by adding flowers around your base flowers. You can do this by turning the bouquet around and adding stems until your bouquet is at the desirable size. This part is personal preference on what looks best to you.

Wrap your bouquet in floral tape, starting at the top and traveling down the stem bunch. This will give your bouquet a little added support. Cut the excess stems down until you have reached your desired length.

Cut a piece of birch bark to size and glue the underneath edge of the birch bark to the stems. You can purchase birch bark on ebay or etsy.

Step Six:
Cut a piece of twine about a yard long and put a dot of hot glue on the back of the stems above the birch bark to secure the end of the twine. Wrap the twine around the stems slightly covering the edge of the birch bark. Secure brooch or pin with hot glue gun and voila you have yourself a fake flower bridal bouquet.

A special thinks to Connecticut wedding vendors Brooke Allison Phtography and Earth Blossom Flowers for putting together this DIY wedding project for us.

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We are purveyors of technology and design for life’s best moments. Seekers of inspiration for modern families. Believers in love, laughter, and a little bit of lunacy.

Our wish for you is to choose each other, everday. Build your castle, even if it’s made out of sand. Laugh. Cry. Burn for yourselves. Burn for each other. No one likes grocery shopping – do it together. Take time. To be still. Make much of miracles. Do you.

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