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Experience Events


Created in 2005, Experience Events is the culmination of owner Jessica Herberger’s many strengths. With a passion for history, design, organization and connecting with people, and after receiving job offers to do weddings and birthday parties she decided that it must be her true calling. Utilizing her degree in Styling from the Fashion Institute of Technology, as well as her Education and History degrees, she helps her clients create personal, unforgettable events. Known for staying cool under pressure, she is an impeccable asset to any event!


My husband and I planned a 3-day wedding weekend with 7 different meals and 5 different events. With a lot of moving parts, with a very complex series of events involving multiple venue set-ups in different locations ranging from a performance at a conference center to an afternoon picnic by the lake, an evening barbecue on a lawn with blankets and torches to a grand living room that EE turned into our chapel, a brunch in 2 different locations to a 1950’s airplane hangar that EE transformed into glowing wedding reception venue with lights, candles and cafe lighting…Jess and her team were off-the-charts. Professional, warm, understanding, fun, committed and creative, they went the extra mile again and again, making things just right – advocating and negotiating on our behalf with all the vendors, taking care of the hundreds of details from the tiniest of choices (researching website after website for just the right glass bowl for floating candles or just the right colored pillows for our picnic) to the larger production issues (hiring a welding company to set up iron stands for cafe lighting or tracking down unique rustic rectangular wooden tables for our reception). The details were endless, but EE just kept taking care of things, doing the legwork so our vision could unfold.  V. LaBalme

Months after the wedding weekend, our guests still talk about it. It was a magical weekend not only for us but for all of them. Everyone felt taken care of. The fact is, we couldn’t have done it without EE. It would never have been as seamless and magical. The EE tag line about “being a guest at your own wedding” is exactly right.  We floated through the wedding weekend days as if in a dream and somewhere, out of site, Jess and her team were making it all happen. Looking back, there is no one we could have trusted more.  Together we created the wedding of my dreams – and something far, far beyond.  Frank Oz (and wife Victoria)

Thank you so, so much for making our day absolutely perfect. I honestly do not know what we would have done without your organization, knowledge and encouragement.  I have to ask – do you have some kind of special access to the weather forecast!??! You told me it would drizzle at 3:45 and then stop – and you were totally right!! About that and every other guidance you offered.  I really, really appreciate it – I know it was probably a long day for you and you were incredible the entire time. The day was everything we ever wanted – and came together absolutely perfectly thanks to you.  Rebecca Wein