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Emily Alt Photography


Let’s cut to the chase–you are looking for a photographer who gets you.  You want someone to capture the fun moments, to stay out of your way, slam a glass of champagne with you before you walk down the aisle and maybe help you wrangle the ring bearer back into position.  That’s me.  You most likely do not want a photographer who will make you stand dramatically in front of a window in your gown or create a shot of you lying on a randomly placed couch in the middle of a washed out field (like seriously, why is there a Victorian couch in a field? Come ON!)  I’m not going to force your wedding party into silly group shots all jumping into the air or make the groom put his coat on 5 times in a row to ensure we capture that “perfect shot”.

Nope. I trust that you’re beautiful exactly the way you are–naturally, without a lot of pomp and circumstances.  I’ll make you laugh super hard with my sparkling personality and I’ll calm you down when you start to freak out.  I’ll be with you from start to finish and you’ll start to feel like I’m a second (really adorable) appendage by the end of the day–but it will be so worth it.

Bottom line–if you hire me, I’ll shoot the hell out of your wedding while capturing all those rad moments that you don’t realize are happening because you’re too busy shaking your booty on the dance floor.  You’ll see kick ass photos that highlight you two as a couple.  It will be awesome.  I promise.