The Bride Body 100 Day Challenge was created by nutrition and fitness professionals to help you attain the body you’ve always wanted in time for your wedding day.  Having worked with thousands of brides, we understand brides unique set concerns. For example, we know that brides are particularly concerned with toning their arm area, especially as so many dress styles are strapless or sleeveless, and our exercise plans focus on toning exercises for arms, particularly Wedding Dress Workout Wednesdays. We know that you have a looming deadline which you need to get in shape by, which is why our workouts have been put together to make sure you are getting results as fast as possible.

We know that looking good on your wedding day isn’t merely about fitting into your dress, it’s also about making sure your hair, skin and nails are all looking their best too. That’s why our nutrition plans make sure you are getting all the essential vitamins and minerals through your food that you need for glowing skin.