How To Get Beach Hairstyles from Salon Bleu

Thanks to Salon Bleu in San Clemente, California we have a few Beach Hairstyles for you. They just might be the perfect look for your barefoot oceanside wedding.

Read on to see how you can make your hair perfectly textured yet elegantly messy. All the outfits provide by Swirl-Boutique and photographed by San Diego Wedding PhotographerJosh Elliot.

1. In order to get perfect textured messy elegant locks, you need to start with your hair being a bit on the damp side, wet but not dripping. Apply a dime to quarter size (depending on hair thickness) of No.4 – Jour d’automne texture creme. Texture creme will give the curl a bit of texture without weighing down the hair. Part your hair into 5 sections and loosely braid each of those. Not too tight of a braid or your hair will look kinky. Lightly spritz your hair with hair spray. Nothing too heavy we might try Jour d’automne Hair Spry.

2. Turn your blow dryer to medium, preferably with a hair diffuser, and dry each braid.

3. Unravel your braids and gently comb through them with your fingers. No brush necessary here.

4. To give it that polished finish looked you can turn on your curling iron to create a few curls that frame your face. Twist your hair in order into a rope and wind it around the curling iron. Not too tight we are going for that beachy look. After that use your fingers again to gently comb everything out.

5. Finish with keratin complex thermo shine

6. Add some personal touches like some feathers or a head piece for that extra wow factor.

Photography: Josh Elliot Photography
Hair: Salon Bleu ( Morgan H. | Amber | Aja | Tiara)
Wardrobe: Swirl-Boutique

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Wedding Hair Pieces From Pixel and Hank

Pixel and Hank makes handmade affordable accessories. Including some funky veils, hair flowers, boutonnieres and their latest addition – bow ties. Pixel and Hank offers a twist on what is expected without being too outrageous. Each item from their shop is made to order, which means everything is 100% customizable. Super cuteness.

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Photography: Amy Carroll Photography
Accessories: Pixel and Hank

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