Vintage Chic Wedding Ideas

from the bride:
Vintage Chic meets Rustic Cowboy.  That was the theme for our wedding and I think it was pulled off perfectly!  Being a wedding photographer myself, I really wanted to make sure my wedding stood out and was different from all the ones I have seen. On top of that I come from a very Urban and traditional Italian background and, as such, my family insisted I do the traditional banquet hall in the city. My new hubby, on the other hand, is a rural lad, born and raised into cattle farming. So we had a little work ahead of us to achieve an affair that both our families could enjoy and also that reflected our own corky personalities. I, being the antique collecting, vintage loving, shoe and pink obsessed girl that I am, and my hubby, being a manly man who insisted on wearing jeans and would far rather spend the time making his show cows look good then himself.  We opted for a beautiful outdoor ceremony and reception on his family’s farm and really glammed up the inside of our tent with some stunning swag and a traditional Italian feast!  I spent hours creating everything from a lemonade stand, guest book table, ceremony table (which included everything from hats, sunglasses, bubbles, hankies, program fans and munchies), pie & sweet tooth table, hand crafted flowers, white jars, used mason jars, burlap runners, barn board signs, straw bails, cattle stall shavings and hand-made paper pompoms.  This wedding was as DIY (or Dee-I-Y as some have called it) as you could get and I had a fantastic bridal party who worked in my sweat shop all year long helping me bring my visions to life.  Our photo props even included an old refinished tractor (that my hubby and a couple of the groomsmen slaved on all winter), an old pick up truck and even a show heifer (cow) that spent the day getting washed, clipped, blow dried and brushed to perfection.  The day was perfect! I remember sitting there at the start of dinner and just getting so excited about how perfectly it had all turned out!  The weather was perfect, my groom looked as handsome as could be, my wedding party was HAWT and even though we had a few bloopers along the way (our dance floor caught fire, our MOH lost a toe, Adam was paying attention to the cows and wasn’t paying attention when he was supposed to be saying his vows, I kinda got yelled at by our minister because I wouldn’t switch my wedding ring to the other hand lol) I don’t think I would change a thing! Well, maybe I wouldn’t have let it end, but by 4:30am when everyone had gotten too tired to stay up I guess we kinda had to leave.  But it was perfect! Enjoy all these vintage chic wedding ideas.
– Dee & Adam