from the bride:

I was the type of girl that never imagined getting married. So when Kevin asked me to marry I had NO idea where to begin or what I wanted. Friends told me about wedding blogs so I started picking through them and creating folders with ideas of things that I liked, but it all started when Kevin chose the lime green converse shoes… From there, everything unfolded and we realized that we wanted our day to fun, artsy, colorful, and reflect how much we love to laugh and enjoy life. Etsy became the go to place for me from our cake toppers, garter, to ALL my bridesmaid gifts, as well as Joanns and my craft box. I loved having my hands in every aspect of our wedding day. Plus, we had some amazing friends and family who helped with everything from cutting down tree stumps to crafting a beautiful 80s wedding cake, to picking up postcards for us. It was amazing and a collaborative effort.

The planning process was very involved, sometimes frustrating, (though I loved every minute of it), but I would say the best part was having everything done the week of the wedding and just really enjoying the time before the wedding day and the day itself. I knew everything was out of my hands and because of that we promised to enjoy whatever the day held. It’s strange not knowing what to expect or what emotions you will feel on the day of the wedding.

Ultimately the best part of the day was seeing Kevin for the first time walking down the aisle. I totally thought I was going to cry, but instead I could just giggle like a little girl who’s dreams became reality. It was so perfect and receiving that gift from God was unbelievable. Also, our first dance was choreographed to Dirty Dancing’s Time of My Life and that pretty much rocked and was so much fun for us to do together.

I think what Kevin and I wanted most for our wedding was for our friends and family to enjoy themselves and see us reflected throughout. The night was filled with a TON of dancing and jumping around so much so that my feet were raw the next day, but it was worth it to see our little flower girl out there dancing when she was too scared to walk down the aisle, grandparents dancing, and then friends screaming the words to Dave Matthews as they jump around in a circle. The love from people around us was unreal and we couldn’t ask for anything more.