Southern Vintage DIY – Marianne Wilson Photography

From the bride: “Warm, inviting, fun and DIY; those were the most important things we wanted for our wedding. One year in the making allowed us to create our dream day. However, when the engagement came, we had no idea what we wanted. It wasn’t until a couple of months later when we began to get a feel for the big day. Then the work began. We began to sketch at Barnes and Noble until we came up with our own logo which we planned to put everywhere! We then moved on to create our invites, buying paper and printing over 100 on our home printers. Anything we thought about we tried and tried until we were able to make it.
One of the most awesome parts of DIY wedding is the memory of building what you’ve created; and that was amazing. From the father of the bride hammering the wooden centerpiece boxes to the sister of the groom cutting the tags for the favors, everything was unique and specifically our taste. In the end, our rustic, vintage, southern themed wedding was more than a success, it was an unforgettable best-day-of-our-lives DAY!
Now for the details. We have to say that the highlight of the decor and what probably was the less expensive piece was a simple frame. We knew that our budget was not going to accommodate for a photo booth, so we decided to create our own. We found an enormous old-school frame, sanded it and painted it deep red and hung on a tree. People loved it! Of course it was then easy for new ideas to grow. So we created a variety of mustaches and hot red lips which was lots of fun for the guest. Our ideas were as simple as keeping our guest hydrated. We wanted to keep our guests as refreshed as possible but at the same time give them a little something extra. So we shipped some original Coca-Colas from south of the border and let them sit in ice. Now that is what we called cool.
One year of planning allowed us to visit several antique stores all over the valley. Every single one of our dates consisted of visiting an antique/vintage store and bringing something home. At some point we were a little skeptical about how it was all going to turn out. But our vision did not let us down. How about and what better than a DIY band? We gathered some of our best-most talented musician friends and had the most professional band of the night.
We can go on forever if we mention it all. We took the DIY concept quite literal. We left almost nothing for vendors but photography, videography and food. Definitely the most exciting planning we’ll probably ever experience. We are thankful and more in love than ever before.”