Lush Lavender Wedding

Venue, Event Designer & Flowers: Cedarwood Weddings

Photographer: Kristyn Hogan
Dress Designer: Lazaro
Cake: Patty Cakes
Groom's Attire: Hugo Boss
Prop or Furniture Rentals: Liberty Party Rental
DJ: Jace Aaron Entertainment

Be sure to keep reading to hear all about how Candi and Christopher met. It is too adorable to pass up, we promise!

A good love story is good for the soul. And Candi and Christopher have one that inspires anyone looking for their soul mate. Colorado native Candi moved to California for 8 years of disappointing relationships before moving back home in 2011, shaken in her judgement to find the love and life she yearned for. Then, as Candi confirms, Christopher ‘found her” as she waited for a job interview in his office building. Christopher says he can still remember making eye contact with Candi while nervously walking back and forth across the lobby stealing glances and trying to work up the courage to introduce himself. Christopher says that was the first time Candi gave him butterflies, and that was before they had even met. The butterflies have not stopped for Christopher or Candi.