KT Merry Engagement

Here is the engagement story from the couple:

The Meeting at Fort Lauderdale Airport

Brian Legg wanted to golf. But there was one problem with his desire to get it done: His sister, Lori, was scheduled to fly into Fort Lauderdale for the same wedding that brought him to Miami that weekend. “No problem” said Jeff Darlington, a groomsman in the wedding who lived in Fort Lauderdale. “I can pick her up instead.” Never one to pass up a good opportunity, Jeff had heard Lori was both (a) attractive and (b) single. So despite having no idea what she looked like, Jeff parked his car in the cell phone waiting area until Lori called after landing. Neither could have fathomed it at the moment, but Jeff was about to pick up his future bride, a trip to the airport that would be duplicated dozens more times as this long-distance relationship between Fort Lauderdale and Kansas City began.

Three years later, photographer K.T. Merry helped the couple recreate their original meeting while also adding a vintage-themed look inspired by the 1950s. The goal was to capture two photos for a Save The Date.

The first photo: With access to a 1958 Corvette and a private tarmac at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, Jeff waited alone at the car alongside several private jets while holding a placard with Lori’s name on it. He also held a bundle of sunflowers that represented Lori’s home state of Kansas.

The second photo: Now joined by Lori, who had two pieces of luggage with her after seemingly arriving off one of the private jets, the couple kissed while Jeff now held a sign that read, “Save The Date”. The date of the wedding has been set for April 7, 2012, exactly four years after the weekend when Jeff first picked up Lori at the airport for the first time.

The Proposal in New York City at Christmas

Lori’s words: When I arrived in New York, I had no idea where my day would take me. Nor did I know, until the end of the night when Jeff proposed in Central Park, that every step of the evening had been planned right down to the snow globe that we bought at Saks midway through the night. All alone in the middle of the park at Midnight, a man wearing a suit and a fedora (who turned out to be Jeff’s friend) presented me with a book that Jeff had written for me, simply saying “Your Fairy Tale” before walking past me and up the steps from the Bethesda Fountain where we were standing. What I also didn’t know until the end of the book was that Jeff had switched out the snow globe we bought with a different one with my ring built into it. This was my fairy tale:

Once upon a time, on a night just like this, romance warmed the air.
It was an evening full of bliss!
Through the streets of Manhattan, a young couple strolled.
Nothing could stop them. Not even the cold.
They had lunch South of Houston. That’s SoHo, you know…
Then it was off to the Algonquin, a historic hotel.
Two people, in love, prepared for their evening.
A spot called Maialino was where they’d be eating.
In Gramercy, they dined with celebrity types.
They drank cocktails and wine. What a wonderful night.
Back up to Midtown, now they would go.
They’d make a quick stop for a globe full of snow.
True, it might have seemed strange that the boy had to have it.
It’s hard to explain. Almost like magic.
As they headed down Broadway to continue their night, this couple could feel it. It all seemed so right.
The Christmas tree in Rockefeller. The ice skating rink. Could it get any better? You wouldn’t possibly think.
But the higher they walked, up the streets of this city, he could now barely stand it. God, she’s so pretty!
The bag in his hand felt the magic, too. Something was happening.
Something, so true.
As the night became late, they headed into Central Park.
At the beautiful Bethesda Fountain, they could feel it in their hearts.
You might not have known it, you might not have noticed. But this night was planned, and this book will show it.
If indeed it is true, if our love will last forever, this night will prove it. It’s now or never.
So take out that globe, and find out your fate. Was this really, truly a magical date?
Now it is time to see how this fairy tale ends.
There’s just one question left for my lover and best friend.
Lori Legg, I love you. I’m down on one knee.
I need to know!
Will you marry me?