Gray and Yellow Wedding at The Barn at Fallingwater

Groom's Attire: Men's Wearhouse

Photographer: With Love & Embers
Venue: The Barn at Fallingwater
Hair: Rochelle Noone of Becoming To You
Cinematography: Villatoro Productions
DJ: Pittsburgh All-Stars Event Services
Dress Designer: Ann Taylor
Caterer: Bart's Catering and Fine Food

Read on to hear from Rebecca about how she and Chris budgeted for their gray and yellow wedding and thing she would have done differently!

How Rebecca and Chris budgeted for their wedding:
We waited a few weeks after getting engaged to sit down and have a good talk about what would be realistic for our wedding day. From there, we planned out how we were going to save money together over our 16 month engagement. We made a list of what was important and a priority to us. We chatted with our families about the same. The engagement was a great catalyst for us to sit down and talk about our finances as a couple (beyond the wedding) which helped us go into our marriage on the same page financially.

What Rebecca would have done differently:
1. Buy more booze and discuss with your bartender. Our venue required us to provide our own alcohol and to hire a bartender (who we hired through our caterer). We decided to go beer, wine and 2 signature cocktails, which made it easier on us to purchase. I researched quantities, the average amount people drink, calculated, rounded up, double calculated and then rounded up more. Yet, Chris and I found ourselves running out of many of the options, discussing this mid-reception and requesting (an awesome!) uncle to head to the beer store to get more. Part of this is that the bartender/caterer kept thinking they were "out" of alcohol, but really they had "lost" it (aka, it was in the fridge... out of sight, out of mind I guess). Part of this was that we were serving out of mason jars, which are larger than normal size drink glasses. It all worked out fine, most the guests did not notice or care. Overall, I would've liked to buy more alcohol (you can always take it home) or discuss options more thoroughly with the bartenders ahead of time. I wish I would have re-emphasized not to pour the liquor drinks ALL the way up the mason jar. If you have a signature cocktail, discuss the proportions and recipe (man those drinks were strong!). And to have a back-up plan established with them to alert you (vs. finding out when you personally went up to the bar for a drink).

2. Discuss what you will be doing post "I do" after walking back down the aisle as a married couple. I somehow ended up doing an impromptu receiving line while Chris went to tell a vendor something before we went to continue our photos. If you want a receiving line, do it, it is a great way to see everyone. If you don't, you might want to plan to sneak away quickly before the guests start coming out because you will want to say hi once you see someone, they will want to say congrats to you and so will every other guest, which can get overwhelming quickly when you didn't plan on a receiving line.

3. Delegate, delegate, delegate! We were lucky to have so many helpers, yet I still felt the need to do a lot of things myself. It may not end up exactly the way you wanted, but it will relieve you of some stress.

4. Go with the flow. You might have a wedding planner, a day of planner, or not. These can all change how the day will go. No matter which way you go, remember that everything will not be perfect (No matter how many people tell you it's your day! It will be the best day of your life! You will remember it forever!), we are still all human and it is still a day on Earth. Things will go wrong, but that is okay. Concentrate on everything going right!