A Cowgirl Wedding In Wisconsin

Photographer: Emily Steffen Photography
Grooms attire: Men's Warehouse

Venue & Caterer: The Enchanted Barn
Dress Designer: the Bride's aunt Delores of The Spoolhouse
Band: SAGE
Shoes: The Wharf
Bride Earrings: Target
Flowers: wholesale from Market Flowers
Officiant: friend of the couple | Makeup: Lindsey Hooks | Hair: Justine Burton | Cake: bundt cakes homemade by Auntie | Veil: DIY by matron of honor
DIY's by the Bride: Bride necklace and bridesmaids bracelet, Floral Design, Invites & Website

Read on to see how much this cowgirl wedding in Wisconsin cost, hear what Nikki would have done differently and to find out her exciting future plans! Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.

The BIGGEST thing I would've done differently is not procrastinated so much! I did not realize how long even some of the smallest a details would take to do (like the seating plan done 2 days before the wedding - gulp!). I LOVED doing so much of the wedding on my own, but I should've listened to what my mom has said about life, "Things always take longer than you think!" Because seriously, why did I think I'd want to be designing our programs late into the night before my wedding!? I should've been enjoying my time with friends and family!! For whatever crazy reason, I thought that by getting things done early I'd be "that girl" who has things bought for her wedding without even having one scheduled. Now I know that those girls are wise!

Not that there was anything that I could change about the situation, but I would've never guessed that planning a wedding from across the country could be so challenging. That in and of itself contributed to half of my time scheduling problems...I didn't think that it would be all that different, but everyone has lives and when you're not there in person to discuss details or arrangements, it just takes that much longer to respond and receive a response.

Our budget very loosely is as follows (because I did so much myself and with friends/family we paid a lot in smaller chunks):

Venue and food/drink: $16,000
Decorations (including flowers): $900
Photography and live music: $5500
Bride's accessories and grooms outfit including boots (my dress was a gift from my aunt the seamstress): $1000
Paper goods: $750
Groomsmen/Bridesmaid gifts (handmade kimono robes and jewelry and silk ties): $500
Other misc: ~$1500

And...as a completely shameless plug: since doing so many DIY elements of my own wedding, I really had total control to make everything "us." This was such an important requirement for both Robbie and I. Never did I think that in staying true to ourselves that we'd get such an overwhelming response to all the various details - especially the invitations. So much so that I've now had multiple requests for me to design custom wedding invitations! It's slowly getting off the ground, but my little design "studio" (aka the space our dog lets me steal from his toy room) is open for business! The Nuptial Necessities is such a labor of love. And I find myself dedicating more time dreaming of designs for brides than I did even for my own!  www.thenuptialnecessities.com should be live on the interwebs soon! Stay tuned! Any interested brides can contact me in the meantime via the contact me section of my own wedding website! -Nikki