Covered Bridge Wedding

Photography: Kimie Grace Photography
Venue: Honey Run Covered Bridge
Cake: Cupcake Crusader
Caterer: Bacio Catering
Dress designer: Nicole Miller
Groom’s attire: Formal Education
Dj: DJ Spenny
Jewelry: Olde Gold Jewelry

Read on to get a little wedding dress advice from Molly and to see how much this covered bridge wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.

Budget Breakdown:
Bridge site rental: $700
Dress: Nicole Miller, purchased on EBay. $350 + $300 in alterations for a total of $650
Catering: $3800
Rings: engagement ring was a family heirloom, vintage wedding band: $500... Ben's handmade from Etsy: $500

What I would have done differently... well, the day was just great and I wouldn't really change a thing! Oh, I know! There was an undergarment mishap! Sorry if this is too much information, but I was convinced that I could go "commando" under my dress (at the seamstress it all looked o.k.) but when I put the dress on at home, getting ready for the wedding, it was way more see-through than I had realized! So my advice to future brides would be to MAKE SURE that you have the right undergarments for the dress! Haha :)