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Tuscan Villa Romance

Tuscan Villa Romance

David recently wed Roxanne in Tuscany surrounded by their close friends and family. During the venue scouting process, Roxanne and her mom feel in love with the Villa Medici in Artimino. This villa is highly skilled and experienced in weddings. On the Monday before the wedding, the couple hosted a casual barbecue at the Cantina del Redi. On the magical day, their 56 relatives and friends attended a beautiful and glorious ceremony. Roxanne walked down the aisle to meet her future husband David, dressed in a traditional kilt. After the ceremony, dinner included a festive Italian menu with mushroom crepes, red wine enriched pork fillet, sautéed vegetables, cream of asparagus, and roasted potatoes. Then the guests also enjoyed a scrumptious slice of wedding cake. Everything that evening was accompanied with Artimino estate wine. At the end of such a successful evening, the guests spent the rest of the week with the newlyweds.

Tuscan Villa RomanceTuscan Villa RomanceTuscan Villa RomanceTuscan Villa RomanceTuscan Villa RomanceTuscan Villa RomanceTuscan Villa Romance

Dress : Dream Wedding

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