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Submitting Your Work to The Wedding Chicks

Submitting Your Work to The Wedding Chicks

Can I post my work on my own blog?Yes, post anything you want on your own personal blog. Please do not shop your feature to other blogs until we have declined the submission. We will get back to you right away after you share your work with us. Think one-two business days.

What are you looking for?We look for submissions that will inspire our readers. Submissions must provide some sort of inspiration for brides-to-be. We are look for clean, beautiful imagery. Weddings, Inspirational Shoots anything that will inspire a wedding. We look for images that are consistent in color and filter throughout, as images need to flow through the post.

What about engagement shoots?We love engagement shoots, but truth-be-told, we do not get a great response from our readers when we showcase engagements. We suggest posting them in Real Weddings to show off your talents and pretty pictures. We do take engagements if they are highly staged or have a unique twist to them. Think props or fantastic outfits.

How many images should I submit?We want to see NO more than 50-75 images in a submission. We prefer within a year of the event and the submission needs to fit the season.What kind of images should I submit?We are looking for heavy details, these are the types of images that will inspire brides. We want to see stunning imagery of the dress, bridesmaid dresses, headpiece, rings, shoes, bouquet, cake, tabletops, stationery, ceremony site, portraits, and unique elements that the wedding may have to name a few.

Our submission Process:1. Send us a snippet of the submission, 5-10 images in an email or a link directly to the images
** Please do not send slideshows, we will not consider any submission from a slideshow
2. If we accept the submission, we will send you a link to our submission page for a formal submission

Submitting a Wedding:- Size your images 600 px wide. Vertical Images 600 px wide. Horizontal Images 600 px wide
** If images are sized improperly, you will have to resubmit the entire event
- Prepare all vendor credits and check every link. We WILL NOT check your work, so be sure that you are providing proper links, business names and spelling
- Please provide a brief description of the wedding from you or the bride. The more info you have the better
- Please do not submit more than one wedding at a time
- Please do not submit collages
- Please remove all branding

What if my submission is accepted?We will email you and your feature will be published in 4-6 weeks, sometimes sooner.
You will be notified the day before your feature publishes.What if my submission is not chosen for feature?If you are a member of our vendor guide, you can post it in Real Weddings.
Don't get discouraged, it just may not be what we were looking for at that time.

What size should my Images be?Your images should be 600px wide for both vertical and horizontal images?

lane dittoe

Common mistakes:- Improperly sized images
- Not communicating with other vendors about submitting an event
- Not crediting all vendors. This causes a problem as those vendors missing credit take their anger out on us. We have to rely on the submission to be complete and correct
- Emailing to see when your feature will be published, replying to these emails takes time and slows the process Images bove by Lane Dittoe

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