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Mobile Coffee Bar For Your Wedding

Mobile Coffee Bar For Your Wedding

The next big wedding trend is a mobile coffee bar for your wedding.
Instead of the regular coffee usually served with your well thought out desert table, why not have some delicious coffee beverages to offer your guests. Lattes, mochas or a tasty blended coffee drink.

Annabelle's Coffee will bring their stylish mobile coffee bar to your wedding and serve your guests delightful coffee drinks. A perfect way to give guests that extra boost to dance the night away or just sip and enjoy the scenery. Check out this video that Crafthouse Productions put on so you can see Annabelle's Coffee in full action.

Both Crafthouse Productions &Annabelle's Coffee are preferred members and proud sponsors of The Wedding Chicks. We highly recommend them.
Southern California Wedding Viedography: Crafthouse Productions Mobile Coffee Cafe: Annabelle's Coffee

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