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Make Your Own Videos With Animoto

Make Your Own Videos With Animoto

You have a ton of photos of you and your love from the time you met, to your engagement session, and of course your wedding photos. Don't forget about all those fantastic photos of your amazing honeymoon to Hawaii.
Imagine you could easily share all these photos and make videos that tell your stories in your own words. Keep them as keepsakes, facebook them, email them or even put them on you tube. Well... you can do all of this and more with Animoto. These personal videos are an amazing and fun way to capture all the exciting moments in your life.
You must read on to learn more about Animoto and once you have decided it is a must have, Animoto is offering you 1 free full-length video credit to use at Animoto. Use code chicks by June 11th to start sharing your memories. Below is a great sample honeymoon video, one of the many ways you can use Animoto.

Not only is Animoto available online, but now you can use this video creation service via their new iPhone app. Making it easy for anyone to create and share amazing videos using their own pictures, video clips and words.
Some other great ways you can use this video creation service; send out a Save the Date to guests or create a video for your wedding reception. It is super easy to use and your family and friends will be wowed.
All you need to do is select your video style, then add your images, videos, music and words. Then comes the fun part! Share with friends and family via email, Facebook or Twitter.  You can even make a keepsake DVD. It’s free to make 30 videos.  For longer videos, subscribe for just $5 month or $30/yr.

Make Your Own Videos With Animoto

Tips for Making a Great Wedding Videos From Animoto

1. Pick a theme and tell a story

2. Gather photos of you and your fiance before you met and then later once you met. Add words and choose a song and you’ll quickly have a “Story of Us” video for your wedding reception

3. The two of you have shared so many fun times together. Pick a few photos and video clips that showcase some of your good times and add some words about when and where your big day will be. In a few minutes, you will have a Save the Date you can send out via email.

4. You thought it couldn’t get any better on your big day. Until you went on your honeymoon. Thank your guests for attending and share the fun you had while on your honeymoon in a video that truly captures your first trip as man and wife.

5. Make sure to add your own words to tell the whole story

6. You can check out more sample videos at Animoto. Be sure to watch this how-to video featuring Animoto co-founder, Tom Clifton. Here, he shows you how to make a video for your wedding reception. Remember Animoto is offering you 1 free full-length video credit to use at Animoto at checkout.

Make Your Own Videos With Animoto

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