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Gilded Shadows

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All delicately crafted in a tiny studio in Austin, Texas, Gilded Shadows accessories feature a lovely assortment of vintage and new materials, offering sparkles or subtlety to reflect our customer’s own unique taste and style. With inspiration drawn from days gone by, when the fashion was elegant and the accessories were intricate their work offers a unique opportunity to delve into the past with a yearning for pouted lips and petticoats.Gilded Shadows not only offers the finishing touch to your wedding day, but also a gorgeous keepsake for years to come.

Gilded Shadows

Gilded Shadows

A special offer from Gilded Shadows:

Grecian triple band gilded leaves headpiece made to order in gold, rose gold, or silver. Mention instagram in the notes to seller at checkout and I'll include a little something special as a thank you gift for the month of January 2016. → Shop this look. Photo by Kate Anfinson.Get Social with Gilded Shadows : Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Etsy

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