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1950's Wedding Dresses & Accessories

1950s wedding dress

Are you having a 1950's inspired wedding?
We found a few goodies around the web that we think you might enjoy and want to remind of some past goodies that we have shared in the past, that you might want to check out. Vintage wedding dress love and super adorable wedding dresses under $600.
The above beauty is from is from Dress Making Design. A custom wedding dress shop in the UK. Specializing in vintage style wedding dress design. I love the daisy trim around the neck. For some reason whenever I think of 1950's themes I originally think daisies, so this dress seems to be a perfect fit.
What is a 1950's wedding with a birdcage veil?
Etsy of course has everything you can dream of, including your bird cage veil.
The first beauty is a Marilyn birdcage veil with a diamond white flower.
The second is Ivory blooming- Dupioni silk flower head band and detach veil The last bird cage veil is a white peony with pearl and crystal center with a birdcage veil with ostrich feather fringe.

birdcage veil

1950's Wedding Dresses from Posh Vintage Girl and Honeypie Boutique.

retro wedding dresses

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