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10 No Brainer Bachelorette Gift Ideas

10 No Brainer Bachelorette Gift Ideas

Umm, if this image from Lavish Boudoir by Leslie Cersovski isn't the sexiest thing ever, than we don't know what is! Speaking of sexy ... if  you are prepping for a big bachelorette bash we have some no brainer bachelorette gifts to share with you!
Although the bra and underwear set is great - you don't have to stick with that. There are far more options. To help you with your shopping, we put together some helpful tips, along with a few curated gifts to fit most brides wants and needs. All of our bachelorette gifts will fit any budget no matter how small or large it may be! Get shopping here.

Bachelorette Gift Shopping Tips

1. Cater to the personality of the bride. Just because you think something super kinky is fun and flirty, it doesn't mean your very shy friend will be pleased to open an embarrassing gift in front of her friends and family (and soon-to-be mother in law)! You never know who will show up.

2. Guessing on sizes is a no-no! If you aren't sure what size top and bottom the bride is, you can either reach out to the person hosting the party or ask a sales associate at the lingerie store where the future bride shops. They may have her size and wish list on file for that very reason!

3. Don't over spend. Let's face it... after attending a bridal shower, bachelorette party, and soon the wedding (not to mention if you are in the bridal party),  you have spent a lot of money. Stick to something cute, yet practical. Remember not everyone can afford to buy a $100 bra and panty set for a friend - and that is A-Okay.

10 No Brainer Bachelorette Gift Ideas

Now it is time to peruse our 10 No Brainer Bachelorette gift ideas! Did we miss anything? Comment below your favorite gift to give at a bachelorette bash!