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Dive Bar Chic DIY Wine Bottle Table Numbers

upcycled wine bottle table numbers

Dive Bar Chic! Now that’s a theme we don’t run across very often, but what a fun idea! When a bride asked Stacey Fitts of Floral Occasions to create some table numbers with this theme in mind her creative juices began to flow and out popped these lovely wine bottle creations. And what’s even better is you can make them yourself! Just follow the easy steps paired with fabulous photos by Paul Van Rieter below.

Wine bottle table numbers

Wine bottles (labels removed)
Paper Doilies
Paper Mod Podge
Acrylic Paint
Sea Sponge
Sponge Brush
House Numbers
20 lb Picture Wire

1. I used a gray and tan paint to sponge on the doilies giving them a “worn or old” look.

paint and sea sponges

with sponge and paint age your paper doilies

Rather than decoupage full doilies, I decided to cut them up to make them more interesting. It also made it easier to attach them to the bottles and not create creases.

2. Brush Mod Podge on back side of doily and attach to bottle.

3. Brush a little more Mod Podge over top, making sure do get edges to stick completely. Also make sure to brush out any air bubbles or creases that may develop.

4. Let dry completely.

mod podge

mod podge doily to wine bottle

let dry

5. String house number onto picture wire and twist around neck of bottle.

6. Set them out on your tables to perfectly accent your big day’s theme!

This craft can be used for many ideas to support the theme of your wedding. Use maps or postcards instead of doilies for a fun travel theme. Or for a vintage look try Mod Podging vintage stamps onto classic coca cola bottles with antique house numbers!

house address numbers

hang number around bottle using wire

If the Dive Bar Chic theme is not really for you, these cute DIY table numbers are also great for a Fourth of July party! Need some convincing? Just take a look at the images below by Kurt Boomer and be prepared to fall in love.

rustic wedding ideas

rustic and elegant wedding ideas

diy table numbers

Designer: Stacey Fitts of Floral Occasions
DIY Photography: Paul Van Rieter
Table Display Photography: Kurt Boomer


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  3. Thanks for the fun DIY feature! When our bride showed us her invitations with doilies and we heard of the grooms love of wine, this was a no brainer!
    They had me at “Dive Bar Chic”

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  8. This is probably a novice questions, but did you have to clean up any left over mod podge in the lace pattern of the doily after it dried? The finished bottle looks amazing, but I see it possibly ending in a very messy doily for me :)