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Baby’s Breath Bouquet + How To Wrap Your Own Bouquet

simple babys breath bouquet

Simplicity is beautiful, which is why we love this baby’s breath bouquet from Cedarwood and captured by Krista Lee Photography. You can pair this sweet little nosegay with just about any color and it will always be stunning. Interested in making these for you and/or your bridesmaids? We thought so! You will need a few supplies first – floral wire, floral tape, hot glue gun, ribbon, and floral pins.

Step one: Starting from the base of your bouquet wrap floral wire in a spiral around the stems. Wrap floral tape tightly over the stems and wire.

Step two: Hot glue the end of your ribbon 1″ from the bottom of the stems. For ribbon tails, glue additional pieces of ribbon onto stems before wrapping.

Step three: Pull the ribbon around the bottom of the stems and wrap carefully and tightly up the stems. Use hot glue and floral pins to secure the end.

how to wrap a bouquet

Floral Designer: Cedarwood

Photographer: Krista Lee Photography


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  1. -100. @NguyenTHThanh says:

    Baby’s Breath Bouquet + How To Wrap Your Own Bouquet

  2. -100. Marta says:

    Lovely bouquet, but I’d add roses to give more elegant look

  3. -100. @KimberlyCrest says:

    Great project for a wedding! Wrap your own bouquet to add that personalized touch!

  4. -100. @cedarwoodwed says:

    Simple perfection! Thanks @weddingchicks for sharing this Cedarwood bouquet! Photo by @KristaLeePhoto

  5. -100. Emily says:

    Would someone mind telling me where her dress is from? Thank you! :)

  6. -100. DIY Weddings Magazine says:

    Simple yet elegant. Great project!

  7. -100. @zchuck says:

    How to wrap a bouquet DIY. #weddingchicks

  8. -100. Helen Michelle says:

    The Baby’s Breath Bouquet is simple and so elegant. Exactly what I would love for my own wedding, though I would probably have the bridesmaids hold this. Thumbs up, I would have never given this flower any mind as I usually discard it. It does look lovely here.

  9. -100. jglass says:

    Hot glue is not a good choice! Will cause damage to your flowers!


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