What Are You Wearing Underneath Your Wedding Dress?

bridal lingerie by Triumph

Truth be told, we have not been measured for a bra in quite sometime. Our bra drawer is a direct reflection of this – overflowing with bras in black lace, vibrant pinks, and various animal prints. Although pretty to look at, none of them fit properly! Now learn from our mistake, and be sure to get properly fit, especially for your wedding.

Have we convinced you that you need to get measured? If you answered yes … than this is wear Triumph steps in. Please note they have been doing this for quite sometime. Founded in Europe in 1886 and with over 125 years in the business of tailoring female confidence, you know you will get the perfect undergarment for your figure. If you are in the Long Island area, you can go into one of Triumph’s stores for a FREE fitting and bridal-help session. On the opposite coast? Not a problem. Triumph has launched a new Fit Guide online to help you find the perfect fit. Click here to see your body’s perfect match and size.

If you wear a bra or are getting married read on to learn more about lingerie, and see some stunning and sexy lingerie from Triumph.

wedding corset by Triumph

bridal lingerie

wedding corset by Triumph

As you can see Triumph makes undergarments that have those little details that make them special and luxurious. Their entire bridal collection has a vintage feel, yet remains the last word in modern seduction. The collections are a tribute to Triumph’s European heritage and reputation as a true maker of lingerie.

Directly above are a few more form their bridal collection. 1. Divine E 1930s vintage-inspired wireless bra | 2. Kiss Spotlight Corset (also shown above)| 3. Kiss Spotlight Chemise | 4. Divine E Garter Belt and Convertible Push Up Bra. The first corset shown above is their Divine E corset. Constructed from panels of smooth jacquard satin and delicate lace, lightly padded cups create a beautiful décolleté which detachable straps.

beauty sensation shapewear

control pants drama

Prepare to laugh yourself silly, by watching Stand Up For Fit: The Control Pants Trauma below. It may make you second guess putting on that ultra tight control top. You may want to opt for something like the above shape wear– The Beauty Sensation Bodydress.

Besides our bridal lingerie we have to wear a bra everyday, and that one also has to fit perfectly. Triumph polled thousands of women, and gathered statistics about us and our bras. Check out the below infographic and let us know what you think.

Triumph infographic

Did you catch all of this?
• Women spend on average only $145 a year on lingerie compared to other wardrobe essentials such as shoes where women will spend an average of $660 a year
• 76% of women will choose a bra based on color or style even if it does not fit properly
• 30% of women have NEVER been fit for a bra.

Triumph Bras

Triumph Lingerie

Triumph Lingerie

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When it is time to walk down the aisle, toss your garter and dance the night away, you will want to make sure that your lingerie fits you perfectly. Taking the time to being properly fit for your undergarments will be key to your success. So, the questions still remains. What Are You Wearing Underneath Your Wedding Dress? Hopefully something from Triumph.

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    What an awesome article. As a male wedding photographer it is sometimes difficult to advise our clients in these areas. Any more advice in this area would be great so we can better serve our clients.

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    Pamela – Hi There,I would like to book a spot for your March 4th session, I have chkeced out so many Edmonton Boudior sites, your photos are by far the best, i am so excited, hope it hasn’t filled up yet!Pamela

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