Win $350 To Sexy Up Your Thighs From La Gartier

Before we let you know how you can win $350 To Sexy Up Your Thighs From La Gartier, we want to share with a little bit about this garter company. Each of their garters is hand-made with top notch fabrics, vintage jewels, possibly a few Swarovski crystal rhinestones, and some even have hand sewn initials. Besides being an utterly gorgeous keepsake they also have the prettiest packaging any bride-to-be would be ecstatic to open up.

As you can see each garter is unique like each and every bride. Since we all have our own personality, wedding style, and identity,  La Gartier recognizes that our wedding garter should follow suit. Now that we shared a little about them, are you ready to win your unique and truly personal garter belt? Keep reading to see how.

wedding garter with locket from La Gartier

We have seen the locket on the wedding bouquet, but we equally love it on your garter belt. Here are a few ideas on what you could put in your La Gartier wedding locket garter.

1. a photo of your love
2. a piece of a love letter
3. sand from your first trip to the beach together
4. pieces of dried flowers from the first time he sent you flowers
5. your “something blue”
6. your “something old”

wedding garter from La Gartier

wedding garter from La Gartier

wedding garter

wedding giveaway

Prize: $350 to sexy up your thighs from La Gartier.

How To Enter: 1. Follow La Gartier’s instagram here |2. come back to this post, fill out the form below to let us know you entered.

Earn 2 Bonus Entries: 1. Follow La Gartier’s instagram and e-post any of the photos from this post with the following tags: #lagartier #weddinggarter #garter #weddingchicks  #giveaway.

Deadline and Winners: Form will close June 9th, 2014 and the winner will be announced on Wedding Chicks Facebook Page on June 10, 2014 – so be sure to check out our page on that day to see if you won!

Thank you for entering! This giveaway has now closed.

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La Gartier Product Shots: Scobey Photography
Model Photographs: Claudia McDade Photography
Model: Amy Lee Werho

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  1. -100. @weddingchicks says:

    The sexiest giveaway you’ve ever entered… @sarahlagartier

  2. -100. @sarahlagartier says:

    Win $350 To Sexy Up Your Thighs From La Gartier via @WeddingChicks

  3. -100. Samantha Hickson says:

    New fan from Ireland. Beautiful wedding garters. Would love to own one one for my wedding. Following on instagram too.x

  4. -100. @NguyenTHThanh says:

    Win $350 To Sexy Up Your Thighs From La Gartier

  5. -100. Korie Culleiton says:

    Ever since doing a post about Sarah and La Gartier (prior to my own engagement) I have been in love with the detail and passion each garter is created with. Fingers crossed I’m the lucky lady that gets $350 toward one of the sexiest accessories. xoxo!

  6. -100. Heather Bealer says:

    So excited ! I love the details so beautiful ! Getting married next year would love to surprise my man with some of these ;) #FutureMilitaryWife❤️

  7. -100. Zane says:

    Love these!

  8. -100. dawn says:

    Yes please—garter with a locket is so sweet & a unique idea!
    #lagartier #weddinggarter #garter #weddingchicks #giveaway.

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  10. -100. Heather R says:

    gorgeous! i’m following and about to get my extra entry – my fiance will love these, too

  11. -100. Jessica Pulford says:

    Would love to win this I JUST started following and LOVE the garters…. my fiance would love this..

  12. -100. Jessica says:

    They are so beautiful! I hope I win this awesome giveaway :)

  13. -100. Iris says:

    My fiancee and I are spending most of our money on immigration procedures (he’s not from the US) that we barely have any money left for the big day let alone for extras like a fancy and beautiful garter. Winning this would be so special!

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    love, love, love

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    #lagarter love it love it love it x x x

  17. -100. Amanda says:

    So cute!

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    I’m in!

  19. -100. Maggie says:

    Love how beautiful and sexy these are to make a bride feel even more special!

  20. -100. Brittany jancovic says:

    I have to say, as a new fan of your garters. They are absolutely gorgeous!! I would be blessed to wear one on my wedding day! I get married in a couple months!

  21. -100. Hannah Purser says:

    Beautiful lingerie!!

  22. -100. Jessica Kennedy says:

    I love these! My fiance would as well. They are so beautiful!

  23. -100. angeldress says:

    Love this lace wedding dress

  24. -100. cristina says:

    Beautiful garters!! The perfect garter would make my wedding day extra special! !! <3

  25. -100. Karissa O. says:

    Entered! I hope I win!

  26. -100. hope says:

    love your ideas!

  27. -100. Kami says:

    Love the nicolette garter. I am following you on instagram.

  28. -100. Paola olivo says:

    It would be a dream to get a garter from such a beautiful company.

  29. -100. Lacey says:

    Stunning ! So pretty, I really really want one !!

  30. -100. Kallie R. says:

    I would love the chance to wear one of the gorgeous pieces on my wedding day!

  31. -100. Cynthia Legge says:

    I entered. Hope I win!

  32. -100. margit stapper says:

    love the idea and my little girl is getting married in September!

  33. -100. Shirley Putnam says:

    Would be great for my daughter when she gets married next year

  34. -100. Katie Minnick says:

    Would love to win for my November wedding. Absolutely gorgeous!

  35. -100. Amelia Espinosa says:

    I’ve been following La Gatier on Instagram since before I was engaged and now that I am engaged I can not wait to own a Garter from this company! They are absolutely stunning.

  36. -100. kaylan patterson says:

    What a great way to surprise my future groom, so glamorous! fingers crossed…

  37. -100. Ashley Nicole says:

    Absolutely stunning. The details are beautiful~

  38. -100. Anais Perez says:

    Absolutely beautiful designs…I would love to surprise my fiance with this!

  39. -100. Charise says:

    Yah! Love your stuff!

  40. -100. Hayden Greenawalt says:

    I would love to win the gift certificate to purchase a garter for my August 14, 2014 wedding! My dress is a very 1920s style Jenny Packham dress and La Gartiers garters match perfectly! Ahhh! So excited, I hope I win!

  41. -100. Jennifer Schexnayder says:

    Beautiful stuff

  42. -100. Karin Koko Carlsson says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful ! Would love this for My wedding! <3

  43. -100. Kaley says:

    Love, LOVE these garters! So beautiful and class! I follow you guys on instagram, and I love your site!

  44. -100. Taylor Dore says:

    So praying I win!

  45. -100. Biota Hung says:

    Entered! Instagram: atoib

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    We instagramed!

  47. -100. Devina Ramirez says:

    Beautiful. I would love to win these! Now following on instagram!

  48. -100. Jen Swartz says:

    So pretty! Beautiful lingerie.

  49. -100. Kristie says:

    loveeeeee these garments! my fiance would freak!

  50. -100. Alyss Diaz says:

    Sure hubby would love this win and it would definently work for a private photo shoot for hubby to get the morning of our wedding.

  51. -100. evelyn says:

    Love it! want one for my upcoming wedding. GLAM IT UP!

  52. -100. Rachel Lopez says:

    Love the variety of styles. Getting married in sept 2015 to my high school sweetheart.

  53. -100. regina says:

    I think all girls should look gorgeous no matter what shape. Woman need that little bit of sexy under there clothes no matter if you’re wearing a chef uniform and sweating or a suit in a corporate office it still feels good to know your a woman

  54. -100. Autumn Carter says:

    These are so classy!! love them

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    I have entered your sweepstakes. Thanks!

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  58. -100. Christine Strickland says:

    Absolutely stunning!! Fingers are crossed that I get the chance to win something this beautiful.

  59. -100. lee McLendon says:

    I entered :-) and reposted to my instagram Jamisenlee

  60. -100. Rene carr says:

    I think it be awesome if I won. My entire wedding is different than anything I’ve ever seen. Plus I love the locket idea love live love it

  61. -100. sophie says:

    love these!

  62. -100. Jacquelyn Schrum says:

    #lagartier #weddinggarter #garter #weddingchicks #giveaway

  63. -100. KellyLove says:

    win $350 To Sexy Up Your Thighs From La Gartier
    Hope I win.

  64. -100. Robin says:

    entered the sweepstakes. Thanks!

  65. -100. Madeline Burdan says:

    Super sexy garters that I know my fiance would LOVE to take off me ;) @maddieb24 I’ll be posting for a second entry!! xxoo

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    Winning some beautiful lingerie from La Gartier would make my day special! @elisemarie90 on Instagram!

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    Very cute!

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  70. -100. Paige Sorensen says:

    Followed on Instagram. I would love to win one of your gorgeous garters for my wedding. I am marrying my high school sweetheart whom I’ve been with for five years, and I am so excited!

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