Reveal Your Baby’s Gender With This Cute Wedding Idea

how to reveal you babys gender on your wedding day

Are you hoping to break all the rules for your wedding day? Who needs tradition right?! Well when Kate and Mike decided to get married while she was 6 months pregnant they wanted to throw out all of  the wedding norms and make their day all about them and their little to come…And one of our favorite baby gender reveal ideas EVER! Stay tuned readers, this gorgeous baby on the way wedding captured by Rodeo & Co. Photography has lots to offer and of course you can see all of it in the full gallery here.

Rodeo and Co Photography

getting wedding ready

coral bridesmaids in assorted dresses

flower girls in white

fall inspired bouquet

From the Bride:
With a baby on the way at the time, we were extraordinarily careful with our budget.  I was very lucky in that i am friends and colleagues with many of the vendors we used, so we were able to barter where we could, and many of them gave us a huge break.  I’d totally recommend bartering services when you can – totally worth it!

Want to hear more about how Mike and Kate saved on their big day? Keep reading to get the full budget break down as well as some helpful tips from Kate, who is a wedding photographer herself!

wedding first look

his and hers wedding shoes

I think if we had tried to stick to the common traditions that are still hanging on out there, then perhaps we would have had some regrets and wishes that we wished we had changed something.  But we weren’t afraid to cut those ties and make our wedding truly our own; we had a first look to take advantage of the light during the shorter fall days, and instead of walking down the aisle to where Mike was waiting for the ceremony, Mike came down the aisle to meet me at the door, and then we walked in together.

coral wedding party

wedding programs

breaking tradition with the groom walking the bride down the aisle

saying i do

wedding kiss and wedding hair

We made our daughter Clara an important part of our celebration by having the wedding while I was pregnant with her. Though I was nervous about some of them initially, our unorthodox choices turned out to be some of my favorite parts of the day.

wee little wedding banner and succulent favors

vintage postcard escort cards

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soft and sweet reception decor

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eclectic centerpieces and handmade bunting

Baby Gender Reveal:
And now that we have kept you waiting here it is, one of the cutest ways to reveal the gender of your baby we have ever seen! Kate and Mikes Cake was a complete surprise to them, so when they cut into it the color revealed whether they were having a boy or a girl. Surprise its a strawberry cake with champagne buttercream filling!

surprise wedding cake

its a girl surprise pink wedding cake

wedding kiss

Venue: Enfield Shaker Musuem
Cake: Amanda Oakleaf Cakes
Caterer: Big Fatty's BBQ
Makeup: Caitlin Aho
Dress designer: Vera Wang
Shoe designer: Rachel Simpson for BHLDN & Tieks
Groom’s attire: Banana Republic & guys ties- Etsy- Me And Matilda
Veil or hair accessories: veil Handmade by Renee Bouchard & headpiece handmade by Sara Kim
Jewelry: BHLDN
bridesmaid's clutches & wraps: Goose Bearty Shop
flower girl's dress: etsy- Olive And Fern
bluegrass band: Mink Hills Band
Dj: John beaudette - boston | Flowers: janessa monty - friend | Hair: lyz trainor densmore

Read on to see how much this baby on the way wedding cost and to hear some of Kate's bartering tips. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you

Budget Breakdown:

Shaker Museum:  $2500
Flowers: $400
Cake: $200
Dress:  $2100
Shoes: $170 & $270
Veil: gift from my friend
Ties: $25 each
Groom's attire: $140 for the jacket and pants
Headpiece: $100
DJ: Also a colleague and friend of mine, John cut us a huge deal: $500 for reception coverage
Flower Girl's Dress: $80
Bridesmaid's Clutches and Wraps: $17 each
BHLDN earrings:  roughly $70
Makeup: $50

As a photographer, I absolutely recommend prioritizing the photography in your budget - this is the one product you'll get to keep after the wedding, and you don't get a second chance.  I loved working with Meg. She did an outstanding job and we adore our photos!  We did barter with her for that rate.

Shaker Museum:
We deliberately waited for the off-season for our wedding, partly because that's when my weddings drop off, and partly because we wanted to save money for the budget on the off-season rates. you can get some incredible bargains that way!

My good friend, bridesmaid and professional florist Janessa gifted me most of the cost of the flowers. We definitely saved money by staying in-season with the blooms, with me providing the vases and containers (I had a lot at home, we picked up some inexpensive antique store finds, and also my grandmother gave us some beautiful vessels and tea cups that had so much meaning to us), and by doing simple table arrangements featuring small bottles with individual blooms.  We also supplemented the tablescapes with old, interesting books from our own collection. Free and visually interesting!

Another barter situation. I'll be doing photos of their bakery and staff to get that cost. Otherwise it was $200 for delivery from boston and about $400 for the cake.

Another splurge, but considering it was a Vera Wang, it was hugely discounted. I shopped at Vows in Watertown MA, which sells runway samples and gowns that other stores are getting rid of from past seasons. You can find beautiful designer gowns by hitting stores like that!

Gift from my friend Renee.  Find your friends with skills and ask them to use them as their gift instead of buying you something you don't necessarily need!

Groom's Attire:
We found his suit on sale at the local Banana Republic factory outlet - I couldn't believe how much we saved on it. It only cost us $140 for the jacket and pants! We stuck to the sale section and also used a coupon to bring the cost down - and he still looked so great.

Also a colleague and friend of mine, John cut us a huge deal: $500 for reception coverage. He's not a cheesy, typical dj - he DJs boston clubs and is in a killer band, so he had a similar sensitivity to our musical tastes.  he used real vinyl, which my husband adored - we have a large collection of our own, so we were thrilled to find someone who thought along our lines. Find someone you love and who isn't necessarily a "wedding dj" as a profession but is still in the general sound line of work - you're more likely to escape the stereotypical wedding dj cheese and get music you really like.

We found a local small band who don't typically work weddings, and they cost us $800.  A huge savings, since they worked both the ceremony and the cocktail hour. and people LOVED them! We're still hearing about how great they were today.

Flower Girl's Dress:
Custom made and much more reasonably priced than the dresses you'll find in the bridal shops. And so cute!

Bridesmaid's Clutches and Wraps:
Another etsy score. They were only $17 each, and I was able to work with the artist to coordinate the styles to our color palette and vibe of the wedding. We also bartered a bit to bring the cost down!


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    A gorgeous wedding complete with an expecting couples suprise gender reveal during cake cutting @weddingchicks

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    Full budget this way, oh and they totally revealed their baby’s gender on their wedding day. HOW FUN!?

  6. LOVE…everything about this wedding!

  7. -100. Karlee says:

    I think that was very tacky ! It’s a wedding not a gender reveal party or baby shower . I guess these two missed the sex ed day huh ? Pregnant bride how classy .. Obviously a shot gun wedding

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    To the bride, your wedding looked just lovely and I’m glad you had the chance to celebrate not one but two major milestones in your life with your guests! Your choice to consider alternatives to tradition and expectation was wise and to made the day truly reflective of your own tastes and personalities. These choices really set this wedding apart and will stand out in your guests memory for years to come. Bravo!

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    A very interesting wedding, love it !!

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    Instead of guess the gender, how about guess the father? Yes, I would say that to the slut’s face. As a society we are flushing all of our morals down the toilet. What happened to waiting until you are married instead of flaunting your piggish ways and expecting us to be happy for you.


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