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Happy Together Films is a couple from Portugal who are madly in love and love being part of other love stories. They started this business because they felt they could offer truthful and clean wedding films. Simplicity, candid and natural moments are evident in their films! They strive to create the quality of film that they wish to have someday for their own wedding.

View all of their wedding films here and don’t forget to take a peek at their Wedding Chicks vendor page. Join us again tomorrow for another Wedding Chicks vendor happy hour. To get information on becoming part of The Wedding Chicks, and join all the fun, email us by clicking here.

Happy Together Films

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  1. -100. @NguyenTHThanh says:

    Happy Together Films http://t.co/4LwAXqJz90

  2. If уou are confident that you’ll be able to pay the interest,
    this isn’t a bad choice, but be careful iin your predictions.

  3. -100. Raquel says:

    Such a great wedding :) I can see they were truly happy!!!

  4. -100. Happy Together Films says:

    We loved to film Marta and Pedro’s wedding! They are super nice and made us feel right at home. And they are going to have a bigger family really really soon! A beautiful baby girl! Marta is as gorgeous as it can get! We love Happy Together Babies <3

  5. -100. Afonso Martins says:

    Happy together is a great project!
    The wedding films are georgeous and very professional.

  6. -100. Maria Braz says:

    Adorei os vestidos e os adereços!
    O vosso filme de apresentação está com tanta energia e tanta alegria e felicidade que dá vontade de casar outra vez.
    Bons profissionais se bons artistasão aqueles que nos conseguem tocar no coração. Voês conquistaram-me!

  7. -100. Ana Sousa says:

    A Happy Together nasceu de uma pequena ideia e aos poucos transformou-se naquilo que considero ser uma vitória. Este casal acreditou que era possível ser diferente e à sua maneira mudar o estereótipo habitual dos filmes de casamento (na minha opinião, aborrecidos!).
    Profissionais, criativos e apaixonados pelo que fazem, o resultado está à vista: vídeos mimosos, quentes e emocionantes. Vemos em cada vídeo o pulsar dos sentimentos de cada uma daquelas pessoas. E é precisamente isso que queremos guardar do dia mais feliz das nossas vidas! ;)

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