Disney’s Frozen Wedding Ideas

Disneys Frozen

Who hasn’t seen Disney’s Frozen yet?! I mean seriously, this movie has been all over the place since it came out in late November. It has captured the hearts of children and adults alike. Meredith Carlson of Meredith Carlson Photography is among these Frozen fans, and she knew she just had to put together a wedding inspiration for this movie. Captured in the incredible ice castles of Midway, Utah this Frozen wedding inspiration will have you wishing for your own ice palace wedding. Enjoy, and try not to break out in song!

Having a hard time letting go of this amazing inspiration? We really don’t blame you, but did you know there are even more images to fall in love with in the full gallery here? See every last detail brought to you by Lindsey Shores, Calie Rose, Linsey Laidlaw, and Meredith Carlson. It’s worth a look, we promise!

Disneys Frozen wedding ideas

bright purple and icy blue bouquet by Calie Rose

purple wedding bouquet

Disneys Frozen themed wedding hair

From Meredith Carlson Photography:
As a mother of two little girls, the obsession over Disney’s latest movie “Frozen” has taken over our household. After first seeing the film, I immediately began thinking how much fun it would be to do a bridal shoot inspired by Elsa. And what better place than at the unique Ice Castles in Midway, Utah.

The geometric design on the wedding stationary is a nod to the ice. We chose Jack Frost as our groom’s name because wouldn’t he and Elsa make the perfect pair?

Disneys Frozen wedding ideas

Disneys Frozen wedding ideas

Disneys Frozen wedding invite

Our stylist found the perfect Elsa reminiscent gown from the couture LA wedding gown shop, Illume Gowns. The custom jewels by Katie Waltman completed the look. For florals we decided to use icy lavenders, blues, and purples. We incorporated these colors into the table linens and wedding stationery as well.

Disneys Frozen wedding reception ideas

purple wedding ideas

purple wedding ideas

purple wedding centerpiece

For the cake we chose to keep it simple, using shredded coconut to imitate snow. And after this shoot we are all obsessed with that fishtail braid! Our sweet model Bailey was nearly frozen solid by the time we were finished, but we are all so giddy at the final result!

shredded coconut winter wedding cake

Stationery: Linsey Laidlaw
Flowers: Calie Rose
Cake: Alice Cakes
Hair: Bethany Kartchner of Salon K
Makeup: The Beyouty Bureau
Dress designer: Illume Gowns
Prop/furniture rentals: Diamond Rental
Jewelry: Katie Waltman
Fashion stylist: Lindsey Shores

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    Nailed it!! Love these!

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    Beautiful! But Elsa needed a blue dress or at least a blue train. :o)

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    Wow this is beautiful!!

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    This is seriously lovely!!

  10. We adore Frozen and this just made us dream about it! Love Love Love

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    OH MY LANTA this is amazing!

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    I agree…these photos are so beautiful. Perfect settings for a gorgeous bride!

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    This is one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever seen. I’ve wanted to be Elsa since I first saw Frozen…and won’t lie–I’m totally jealous that this lovely lady gets to be. :)

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  15. Wonderful! It is gorgeous post. I liked the ideas of frozen wedding very much. Thanks for posting a unique idea for wedding.

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    This is such a creative idea

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    Love to you, too, Jessica! I’ve thought of you often these past days winhsig you could sit at the end of my bed and hear these stories in person. But then I’m grateful to have this space in which to share them. And grateful to have your friendship no matter how many miles (and years!) we travel.

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