For the Emoji-tional Eater in All of Us…

Goes without saying that wedding festivities tend to jumble and spew our emotions every which way, swinging from sunken stress to utter elation, straight to hellish fury and back again to butterflies-in-the-tummy excitement. It’s crazytown out there, folks.

Whether you’re a bride or in her legion of ‘maids, celebrate that emotional, sometimes comical, but altogether WONDERFUL roller coaster with some cheeky sweets featuring the many [textual] faces of wedding planning for the Emoji-tional eater in all of us… . Sneak ’em in with the blushing bride’s breakfast or individually bag them for your bridal party as favors. Because let’s face it, emojis are one of the greater accomplishments of our generation. Check out the blushing pink edition featured most recently by Vogue’s 2014 Valetine’s Gift Guide! Woo!

Cookies: Sogi’s Honey Bakeshop
Photo: Vogue’s Valentine’s Gift Guide 2014

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