Veronica + Danny | Beautiful Faith, Beautiful Friendship Wedding in Michigan

Veronica and Danny’s April wedding in Michigan was the perfect depiction of elegance, true love, and a roaring good time! Check out their personal WeddingMix wedding trailer video to see all their touch wedding moments -WeddingMix

The story of Danny & I has everything to do with the amazing people in our lives. Our wedding was unforgettable because we are so loved and supported by our friends and family. We met through mutual friends at a Campus Ministry during college. Danny also played hockey and thankfully that mutual friend liked going to Danny’s games with Veronica. One long talk in the parking lot led to another and when we officially started dating in December 2010 we began an unforgettable journey. When Danny proposed in April of 2012 we knew that we wanted to share our day with all the people who had shaped us. Our campus minister from college performed our ceremony, friends came from as far away as Germany& Canada, and our photographer took pictures of the groomsmen & Danny on my great grandparents farm property. All of these moments were able to be captured on video because of the versatility the WeddingMix cameras and app had to offer. This option was very affordable and easy to use by our guests.

Thanks to WeddingMix we were able to have a personalized video created from the eyes of our guests. We have been watching the footage since our wedding! There are many funny and sentimental moments that we would have never been able to experience without the WeddingMix package (especially when my brother did the worm). Because our friends and family had such a great time with the cameras, many priceless moments were captured for Danny and I to cherish and share with our family for many years.

One of these people is a friend so dear to me, she could be my other sister. Lynn and I have been friends since 7th grade; we’ve grown to more like sisters because of our sarcastic sense of humor and shared faith. Lynn got engaged to her finance Cole the week after our wedding while Danny and I were still on our honeymoon. Over the last 8 months while helping her plan their wedding, she informed me that they decided to cut a wedding video from the budget. Knowing all of the joyful moments that Danny and I have shared watching videos from our day, we decided this couldn’t be an option for Lynn & Cole. We ordered WeddingMix for them as a surprise wedding present. We sent the link to the wedding party and had them spread the word to all the guests they knew. We are overjoyed that Lynn and Cole will be able to look back on the day they became husband and wife, and through these videos share it with their kids some day!

WeddingMix: Storymix Media

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