Nina + Roy | Chance of a Lifetime Cruise Wedding in Key West

If you think WeddingMix couple Nina and Roy’s cruise wedding pictures are amazing, just read Nina’s story about this miracle couple’s amazing chance to be together!

I met Roy though a friend when she invited me to come visit her in New York. I remember thinking he was really cute but nothing would ever happen. Just one of those chance encounters that you know will never lead anywhere. Yet soon after returning home to sunny Florida, I began receiving messages from him on Facebook. Soon we were talking daily on the phone, and after two months I made the decision to make a second visit.

Four months later in the dead of Winter I moved to Long Island. Yet a year came and I realized New York had become a long-term decision. In that second year I found out I had been born with a heart congenital condition. From my research the average life expectancy was 35.

Roy and my relationship was put to the test as he drove me to the hospital so I could under go open heart surgery. After four days in the hospital and another four weeks at home recovering I had energy I never knew you were supposed to have. Less then a year later we were engaged.

His loved ones are in New York, mine are in Florida. Trying to decide how to connect seemed impossible. So we decided to compromise, we got married on a six-night cruise! Where we got married on the white sands of Key West and spent our wedding with our close friends and family all together with out any of the worries associated with out of town guests. Everyone was on vacation.

I think back on the last four years of events that lead us to this moment. From barely knowing one another to having less then 10 years to live to having a lifetime to love. There are a million things I could have done differently that could have kept me from from having this life. But I took a chance and could not be happier.

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