Winter Shooting in Italy

The shooting wants to create a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere, for this reason we have chosen the sea in winter. The location is the beach of Levanto, in Liguria, Italy, where the sun has not left us for the whole day to give the best with rays at sunset. The winter dress reveals her veil in the wind, and the lace covers elegantly shoulders and back. The bouquet of lilacs, buttercups and berries has the hot colours of the sun and the cold of the sea, like the delicate crown, soft on the hair ruffled by the wind. The rhytm is slow, and the moments are intimate like a relaxed readings of the pasts as a 800’s century novel.

FLORAL DESIGNER : Il Profumo Dei Fiori

DRESS DESIGNER : Couture Hayez

PHOTOGRAPHY : Les Amis Photo

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