An Eco-Friendly Lavender And White Wedding

purple and white wedding bouquet

As the late, great Michael Jackson once said, ‘If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.’ That doesn’t seem to be too hard for this eco-friendly couple who chose to make their wedding an environmentally conscious event. They decided to use potted plants instead of cut flowers for much of their wedding decor, They used recycled glasses for all of their drinks, and their dessert table was covered in organic treats all made with seasonal ingredients. Love it!

In love with this idea as much as we are? Green Wedding Barn can help you plan your next big ‘green’ event. Just check out the full gallery here to see more of this  lavender and white wedding. All of these beautiful images were captured by A Guy + A Girl Photography

getting wedding ready

elegant wedding updo

Debbie’s effortlessly gorgeous wedding look is thanks to the wonderful talents of the Grace Lin Professional Makeup Team! Their philosophy is that a woman’s true beauty is reflected from within by her strength and persistence, passion, purity of soul, wisdom and kindness. So let your true beauty shine!

first wedding look

wheat and lavender boutonniere

welcome wedding sign

eco-friendly drinking glasses

In love with Debbie and Beau’s wedding venue? Us too! From simple mountaintop ceremonies to more elaborate affairs in richly landscaped settings, Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve is perfect location to hold the wedding of your dreams.

Did you get a look at the petals in this pretty wedding? GD Designers is a distinctly personal floral and deign studio. Their talented staff of dedicated artisans create innovative decorative settings for special occasions, destination events and holiday displays. Luck for you, they specialize in unique floral arrangements, and their complete design service includes all aspects of event presentation, in both indoor and outdoor settings.

purple and white ceremony florals

wedding program fans

wooden ladder wedding arch

grey and purple wedding party

traditional chinese tea ceremony

wedding kiss

After a sweetly traditional wedding ceremony, Beau and Debbie took some time for a few very unique wedding portraits that featured Chinese masks. Their on the ball wedding photographers, A Guy + A Girl Photography, were there to capture every adorable moment.

chinese masks

traditional chinese masks

wedding portrait ideas

Feeling like you could use a little help planning a green wedding that is all your own? Green Wedding Barn promises to support your uniqueness and to assist you in spending your big bucks mindfully or stretching your small budget to amazingness! With help from Green Wedding Barn, your modern day superhero values of creating a future better then the present are sure to appear spectacularly on your big day.

escort card table

outdoor wedding reception ideas

eco-friendly table decor

live lavender centerpiece and table number

How delish do the desserts at Debbie and Beau’s wedding look?! Can you believe they were all made from organic and seasonal ingredients! Auntie Em’s Kitchen created the simple and sweet wedding cake that they eventually smeared across each other’s faces, and the rest of the baked goods present at this Eco-friendly wedding celebration.

candle lit dinner

mini tart wedding desserts

cake cutting

wedding kiss

Photographer: A Guy + A Girl Photography
Event Designer & Coordinator: Angelica Weihs of Green Wedding Barn
Venue: Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve
Hair & Makeup: Grace Lin Professional Makeup Team
Caterer: Auntie Em’s Kitchen
DJ: Boomnote Music
Flowers: Geidra of GD Designers
Lighting: Pacific Event Lighting
Shoe Designer: Badgley Mischka
Prop or Furniture Rentals: Town & Country Event Rentals
Photobooth: Shake That Boothy
Espresso Service: Neighborhood Grinds
Officiant: Sara Leverette | Ceremony Music: Dawson Cowals

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  1. -100. @OldNewBorrowedB says:

    #Wedding #Bride #Reception An Eco-Friendly Lavender And White Wedding

  2. -100. Bumby G says:

    So adorable!!!

  3. -100. Ganjar says:

    Wow. Those are gorgeous. I’d like to get my hands on a few of those. We used to have a bunch of chnkiecs and I miss the fresh eggs. My brother just got a few. I need to go steal some from him.

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