Gary + Nicole | Personal Seaside Concert Wedding in New York

Can you believe the beautiful violin music in Nicole and Gary’s wedding? You would never guess never that’s actually a recording of the bride playing her own violin! Music-savvy groom, Gary, gives us the scoop on how his talented wife, Nicole, gracefully walked down the aisle to her OWN violin music in the couple’s WeddingMix video!

Nicole is an orchestra teacher and has been playing since she was four. Needless to say, music is VERY important to us. Not just orchestra…. I’m talking about the Beatles to Kendrick Lamar, basically every kind of music! That’s why most of our wedding video was practically one big dance party.

Our ceremony music was played by Nicole’s friend from an orchestra group. However, she played it in a very high pitch, which at the time was fine because everyone was too focused on how beautiful Nicole looked walking down the aisle :)

Nicole noticed the high pitch after reviewing our video footage, so I had the idea of re-recording it. I figured if the WeddingMix team had the technical savvy to add music and take out voices at certain times, they could easily add Nicole’s recording. Now we have the added benefit of being able to tell people Nicole is playing the 2-piece violin instrumental as she’s simultaneously walking down the aisle (we turned her into superwoman lol).

Storymix Media : WeddingMix

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