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Win A Nokia Lumia 1020


Today we tested out the Nokia Lumia 1020 on a quick do-it-yourself wedding project to test out all of its’ amazing capabilities. It happens to be the only smartphone with a 41 megapixel camera sensor, Full HD video and Nokia Rich Recording, which creates incredible audio capture with distortion free stereo sound.

Overall the phone was easy to use and the controls were intuitive. It gives you the ability to capture full resolution photos, zoom into details, adjust the focus, exposure and white balance. The phone has more than a few fabulous features and today two lucky winners will have a shot at testing out the Nokia Lumia 1020. Simply fill out the form below and share with us what special life moments you plan to capture with your new phone.

Before you let us know about those epic moments you plan to capture, Nokia is giving you the chance for a photo do-over of a moment that has already been captured. Go here and submit your blurry, dark or otherwise failed photo moment and you could win the chance to have Nokia recreate your epic moment again and this time capture it with the new 41 megapixel Lumia 1020.

Champagne drink tray

Before you scroll down to enter – Here is our quick diy we captured with the Nokia Lumia 1020. A champagne lemonade tray for an impromptu party. You only need a few elements to create a tasty and refreshing drink. Place a label on it and you instantly have an escort card that doubles as a cocktail.

1. Anthroplogie mini bowls | 2. Mason Jars | 3. Tray from Gretta Bean | 4. Striped Straws from Invitations By Dawn | 5. Carafe | 6. Sofia Blanc Champange, sugar, lemons and your favorite fruit. We love berries!

diy lemonade

Quick and Easy Champagne Lemonade
First you are going to want to make your Simple Syrup
1 cup sugar
3 cups water
1 1/2 cups fresh lemon juice

Put the sugar and 1 cup water into a small saucepan and bring it to a boil. Cook for 1 minute until the sugar has dissolved, turn off the heat and allow the sugar syrup to cool. After it has cooled place it in a pitcher with ice, lemon wedges and your fresh lemon juice to make it extra cool.

diy lemonade

handwritten labels

quick drink tray

1. Sprinkle the bottom of  your glass with sugar for that extra little sweetness.
2. Place your favorite fruit and a lemon slice on top of the sugar.
3. Fill the glass halfway with your homemade lemon juice.
4. Top with champagne or sparkling water for a mocktail.

quick drink diy

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Thanks for entering! This contest is now closed.


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  1. -100. @Wedding_Agent says:

    Win A Nokia Lumia 1020 #weddings

  2. -100. @SDRnokia says:

    Nokia Lumia 1020 – DIY Edible Projects. Win A Nokia Lumia 1020. Today we tested out the Nokia Lumia 1020 on a qu…

  3. -100. @preptowed says:

    never too many. RT @weddingchicks: Too many treats in one post! DIY a champagne lemonade tray and win a Nokia 1020.

  4. -100. Katty says:

    Love it! It looks very nice!



  5. -100. James Nation says:

    I take a picture of my daughter every morning when I drop her off at pre-school. Would love to capture that moment with a Lumia 1020!

  6. -100. An says:

    Thanks! it’s amazing!

  7. -100. Zenimue says:

    My daughter is 7 weeks old I’d love to capture the moment when she first crawls. Wow the Lumina’s processor is nice =O

  8. -100. Rebecca Lanier says:

    I would use this phone to capture tge moments I hold close to my heart. Whether that’s a moment with my fiancé or my neice

  9. -100. Deepa rajwani says:

    I’d like to recapture my first date with my new fiancé!

  10. -100. Amy Ma says:

    I will take countless photos of me in my cap and gown on my highschool graduation. With photos of my class who has struggled and fought through the last school year.

  11. -100. Lisa Huiskamp says:

    This past year has been full of life changes; a new home; a new dog; a new ring(!); and a new profession! With this coming year, I have the trouble of having to document all of these changes evolving. My new home is going through decorative changes and renovations. Our new dog is growing strong, with the plan to add a brother within the next 10 months. My ring is going to get a partner in Sept 2014 when my fiancée and I get married in his childhood backyard. And I hope to be employed soon as an elementary school teacher, which ALWAYS means lots of pictures. I hope that this phone would help and make all of these changes even more memorable and special.

  12. -100. Brooklyn says:

    They post the best pictures and ideas for weddings and this helps we with how I want my wedding to be and I just love y’all !! Y’all are the best!!!:)

  13. -100. Lori Ball says:

    Looks delish!

  14. -100. Emmanuel Ampiah says:

    I have never seen a phone with a quality camera like this Nokia Lumia 1020..Nokia you are the best..

  15. -100. Sadallah chahin says:

    I’m starting university in February and have no camera. I think the lumia 1020 would be great to capture all those memory.

  16. -100. Nikita says:

    I want to photograph as a blind artist will draw the sound of falling rose petals on the floor crystal castle that does not exist with the Lumia 1020

  17. -100. Bryana Riutta says:

    I am a photographer and I am also an Instagram fanatic!
    This phone would make it so much easier to get the photos I want to share!
    Super cute project! Makes me want lemonade…and summer :(

  18. Hi there, just wanted to say, I loved this post.

    It was helpful. Keep on posting!

  19. -100. Lisa says:

    I would use this phone to capture all the precious memories that come with a young family :)

  20. -100. Victoria says:

    I’ll capture all the precious moments of my baby girl who is due in 5 weeks #ProudMommyToBe

  21. -100. Nani says:

    You’ve got a great deal to own superb from the enemelts within these types of athletic shoes; the actual rest is actually a similar since the aged types backed upward

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