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It’s just one day, but it’s a day filled with meaningful moments and these memories will last a lifetime. With this in mind, Ruche brings you their spring wedding collection Forever and a Day.  Whether you’re looking for wedding dress or engagement dress, Ruche spring wedding collection will provide you with the wardrobe you need for a day of picture-perfect moments.

One lucky reader will win up to $1000 towards two dresses. One dress for your wedding and one for your engagement party, engagement photos or wedding reception. Simply visit Ruche’s wedding collection here  and fill out the form below and share which ones you would like. Click here to see all of their wedding dresses, and see the entire gallery from this shoot captured by Elizabeth Messina.

shop Ruche Vintage wedding dresses

spring time wedding bouquet

Ruche wedding Dresses

simple wedding hair

engagement dresses from Ruche

pink engagement dress


teal engagement dress from Ruche

Ruche Wedding Dress

floral wedding halo


The Ruche collection focuses on vintage inspired wedding dresses and affordable bridesmaid dresses, which are also envisioned for wedding guests and everyday elegance. Whether you’re the wedding guest, bridesmaid, or bride, we hope our spring wedding collection will bring you the perfect dress and an endless amount of romantic inspiration. From Ruche to you, may all your wedding day memories last forever and a day.

Ruche Vintage Style Wedding Gown


strapless wedding gown from Ruche

Be sure to enter by next Wednesday April 10,2013 for a chance to enter two dresses from Shop Ruche. All you need to do to enter is visit Shop Ruche and share with us by leaving a comment in the from below – which two dresses you would pick out as your engagement dress and your wedding dress.

Tea Length Wedding Dress



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Photographer: Elizabeth Messina
Featured in Mag Rouge
Venue: Dos Pueblos Ranch
Hair & Makeup: KC Witkamp
Wedding Dresses: Ruche
Flowers: Tricia Fountaine Design
Prop or Furniture Rentals: Tricia Fountaine (Vintage Vignettes)
Model: Amanda

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  1. -100. Chelsie Schmeeckle says:

    LOVE all these dresses….absolutely stunning!

  2. -100. @weddingchicks says:

    @shopruche is giving away $1000 in dresses on the site today. go get swept away with imagery by @KissTheGroom xoxo

  3. -100. Olivia says:

    Such gorgeous dresses!

  4. -100. @ShopRuche says:

    RT @weddingchicks: @shopruche is giving away $1000 in dresses on the site today. go get swept away with imagery by @KissTheGroom xoxo

  5. -100. Jessica says:

    Oh my goodness, I was just lusting after all of the bridal collection dresses on Ruche, and then I saw this giveaway announced on Twitter – it is a SIGN! My wedding is next Spring and it would be a dream to be dressed in Ruche!
    I would pick the Le Sucre Ruffle dress for an engagement party & the Angeline dress to marry my handsome man!

  6. -100. mandy says:

    Such a wonderful collection!

  7. -100. @chrisgraham27 says:

    @KissTheGroom you never stop inspiring me! cc: @weddingchicks @ShopRuche

  8. -100. Beth says:

    oh these are all so lovely… my favorites are the hydrangea maxi dress in burgundy for my bridesmaids, and the jacqueline marie bow dress for my rehearsal dinner and bridal shower..

  9. -100. Beth says:

    oops.. i meant the hydrangea maxi dress in burgundy for reception

  10. -100. @KissTheGroom says:

    RT @weddingchicks: @shopruche is giving away $1000 in dresses on the site today. go get swept away with imagery by @KissTheGroom xoxo

  11. -100. @L_MichellePhoto says:

    RT @weddingchicks: @shopruche is giving away $1000 in dresses on the site today. go get swept away with imagery by @KissTheGroom xoxo

  12. -100. Kara Washam says:

    I love Ruche’s bridal section! I get so excited when a new lookbook comes out. I only wish that there were even MORE dresses and accessories.

  13. -100. Shelby Singleton says:

    Elena & Gwen in pink!

  14. -100. Tracey Adamson says:

    Hello, wow what a fantastic comp. I love everything on the website so it was hard to choose but here goes:
    Wedding dress: Alexandria
    Engagement dress: Celosia Pleated Dress In Rose

    Thanks and am happy for the lucky winner


  15. -100. kristyjojo says:

    I <3 Janelle for a wedding dress. So pretty and flowy. I <3 Amelie as a reception ore rehearsal dinner dress. So romantic!

  16. -100. Kara Shrout says:

    These are absolutely fantastic! I am way too in love with these styles :) and they fit perfectly with my dream theme of a vintage book inspired wedding! It is so difficult to choose favorites! That being said I absolutely love the Victoria wedding dress and the Lovely Bloom Embroidered Dress for a rehearsal dinner :)

  17. -100. Erin Becotte says:

    Gwen in Ivory, Victoria, and Amelie are amazing!!! I love all three!!! Gwen for an engagement dress, Victoria for the ceremony and Amelie for the reception, if I could have all three :)

  18. -100. Audrey Hirschl says:

    I love the hydrangea maxi dress in sage for engagement and the isla wedding dress !! Xo

  19. -100. @weddingchicks says:

    Have you entered to win up to $1000 in dresses from @ShopRuche? What are you waiting for? photos by @KissTheGroom

  20. -100. @asweetstart says:

    RT @weddingchicks: Have you entered to win up to $1000 in dresses from @ShopRuche? What are you waiting for? photos by @KissTheGroom

  21. -100. Haley says:

    The hydrangea dress and the Angeline…

  22. -100. @jaimelivingood says:

    @shopruche is giving away $1k in dresses-imagery by @KissTheGroom xoxo

  23. -100. Mary Villasmil says:

    I absolutely love your collection. Out of the bridal dresses I would be honored to wear the Isla dress, and either the gainesville ribbed tunic dress in peach or the Hydrangea Maxi Dress in any color! Ah fingers crossed :-)

  24. -100. @LenorasLegacy says:

    RT @weddingchicks: Have you entered to win up to $1000 in dresses from @ShopRuche? What are you waiting for? photos by @KissTheGroom

  25. -100. @PrintedInkKY says:

    RT @weddingchicks: Have you entered to win up to $1000 in dresses from @ShopRuche? What are you waiting for? photos by @KissTheGroom

  26. -100. pd wilson says:

    Love the Sophia monique dress and the angeline dresses.

  27. -100. Sabrina Crawford says:

    Would u be willing to donate merchandise for a wedding renewal in June? We would put your business’ ad on our programs as a sponsor to our wedding, put business cards around the room, make a verbal thank u during a speech to our 100+guests, put a link on our blog, and of course send a written thank u.
    Our family has gone thru many trials this year. I lost my job due to illness, have had surgeries, still am dealing with a mass in my brain while still trying to take care of our 4 kids and not loose our house .
    Our children encouraged us to renew our vows this year on our 18th anniversary because of everything we’ve been thru and 2 of them will be moving off to college. We only have $500 to have the wedding we dream of but never had and most of it is gone into our venue.
    Could u please help in any way by sponsoring us and making a donation?
    I just found out my$40 dress no longer fits after all the surgeries and medications. A donated dress would be such a blessing, more than you would ever know!
    Please please help us?!
    Sabrina Crawford

  28. -100. @KissTheGroom says:

    RT @jaimelivingood: @shopruche is giving away $1k in dresses-imagery by @KissTheGroom xoxo

  29. -100. @KissTheGroom says:

    RT @weddingchicks: Have you entered to win up to $1000 in dresses from @ShopRuche? What are you waiting for? photos by @KissTheGroom

  30. -100. Emilee Parsons says:

    This collection is beautiful! I would love to wear these dresses to engagement parties, a bridal shower, and the rehearsal dinner!

  31. -100. Emilee Parsons says:

    I would pick the Valentina dress for the Rehearsal Dinner and the Alexandria Dress to get married in!

  32. -100. Nicole Colton says:

    I LOVE the yellow dress in the field with the yellow flowers, the light pink knee length dress with the ruffles on the hem and the satiny teal dress on the model leaning against the tree! So many lovelies!

  33. -100. Bobbi says:

    My wedding dress would be the Janelle dress (with optional straps) and my engagement dress would be the Hydrangea Maxi dress in Rose. Hard to pick because there are so many lovelies!

  34. -100. Karina Aguilar says:

    I absolutely love Ruche’s vintage inspired and elegant wedding gowns. The Mackenzie dress would be my pick for my engagement party. It has a sailor chic vibe to it. As for the wedding gown I am in love with the Noelle dress. It is everything I want in a wedding gown.

    I hope I win! Regardless, I will be shopping Ruche for all my bridal accessories! I am in love with all their headpieces!

  35. -100. Yuri says:

    All are to die for! But LoVe daphne for engagement and Victoria for wedding!!

  36. -100. bobbi jo jermy says:

    I am a 40 year old cancer survivor. This is my first wedding and with whet I have gone though Joe is really my prince charming and he really. To kisses me to wake me up

  37. -100. Lisa says:

    Love the Evelyn wedding gown and the Le Sucre Ruffle and Sophia Monique Tiered Lace dresses!

  38. -100. Lisa says:

    MARGARETE IN SAND is breath-taking! It looks relaxed but also romantic. LOVE it xxx

  39. -100. jessi says:

    I would be thrilled to have any of these dresses but if I had to chose 2 it would be the Evelyn and the Astrid.

  40. -100. Olivia says:

    I think the Desert Dust is a beautiful dress and would be perfect for the rehearsal dinner and the Janelle dress is absolutely stunning!

  41. -100. davonna dicks says:

    Beautiful dresses….Like the Gemma & Jacqueline

  42. -100. Caitlin Rantala says:

    I’m so smitten!

    Wedding Dress: Charlotte
    Engagement Dress: peach perfection tulle dress

  43. -100. Mel says:

    What a dream to own those dresses :)

  44. -100. Margarita says:

    How lovely!! Adore this look

  45. -100. Melissa Nieves says:

    Too beautiful!

  46. -100. Catherine says:

    I hope I get the chance to wear them! :D

  47. -100. Jake says:

    I’m entering for my beautiful girlfriend :)

  48. -100. Rose says:

    Simply beautiful!

  49. -100. rosse says:

    bon voyage bow dress in jade

  50. -100. Nancy Pastewski says:

    I love the le sucre ruffle detail dress and the noelle wedding dress, gorgeous!!

  51. -100. Maggie N. says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would feel like royalty to wear these beautiful dresses.
    For the wedding dress, I love Evelyn. The tops of the sleeves are to die for and the back is so classy and elegant.
    I am so in love with the Dream Come True Lace Shift Dress! I love the lace, neckline, but mostly those buttons on the back.

    Best of luck, ladies!
    – Maggie

  52. -100. Kimberly S says:

    So hard to choose, but I would pick the Charlotte dress for my engagement and the Angeline dress for my wedding..

  53. -100. Katie says:

    Amelie would make an amazing rehearsal dinner dress and the Samantha Dress In Yellow would be perfect for an outdoor bridal shower. The shoes and jewelry would also be nice additions to a vintage modern bride’s wedding style.

  54. -100. Sue says:

    Love all dress,They all are so Gorgeous!! My favorite is strapless wedding gown. in champagne.

  55. -100. Claire Byars says:

    Whoever wins is one lucky gal, these dresses are beyond beautiful!

  56. -100. Amie says:

    I am beside myself that Ruche offers a wedding line!

  57. -100. Liz says:

    I would choose the Pure Joy Lace Dress By MM Couture for my engagement dress and the Ava dress for my wedding dress!

  58. -100. brit says:

    I’m getting married May 25th and I would LOVE to have some AMAZING Ruche dresses for that time!!!! ahhhh they are so amazing!

  59. -100. Jennifer N. says:

    I adore the Charlotte and Amelie dresses! I’m shorter and am having a garden wedding, though I’d like to keep it casual, but elegant. I think these dresses convey that feel. They’re fun and beautiful! Thank you

  60. -100. Amy says:

    Just in case you didn’t get it – I submitted my choices through the entry form above, but I don’t see my comment below.
    Engagement: Coquette Indie Dress In Mustard By Fleet Collection
    Wedding: Amelie
    <3 Great contest!

  61. -100. Sandra M says:

    Posting again just in case because I couldn’t see my comment below – I love the Noelle for a wedding dress and the Amelie for an engagement dress!!

  62. -100. Summer Allen says:

    Oh wow!

    Wedding dress: Mackenzie
    Engagement dress: Quiet Evening Strapless Dress

    xoxo, Summer

  63. -100. Kathleen says:

    Love Noelle, gwen, Astrid, Margarete in Ivory!

  64. -100. Marlene Ramirez says:

    For our enchanted vintage wedding the “Evelyn” wedding dress is the perfect touch to make it that more magical. I will be marring my Brazilian fiancé who I know would love to see me pretty in pink with the “Le Sucre Ruffle Detail Dress” in our engagement party. Hope this dream can come true and I win the dresses! Thank you!

    Marlene Ramirez

  65. -100. Anne says:

    I would wear the Victoria dress and would have my bridesmaids wear the Dinner Party Dress in Purple or the Hydrangea Maxi Dress in Teal. :-)

  66. -100. Kerri Kalinski says:

    I LOVE the Ella Lace Midi Dress! It is SO cute and such an adorable bridal alternative dress!

  67. -100. Jill says:

    For the engagement dress, the le sucre ruffle detail dress, and for the wedding dress, the Amelie!

  68. -100. Brandy W. says:

    I forgot to say which dresses I would choose! I would choose the Ava and the midnight garden embroidered dress…So lovely! I hope I win!!!!

  69. -100. Amanda Todd says:

    I have fantasied over these wedding dresses before I got engaged at the beginning of the year. I’m head over heels for the Claire Rossette wedding dress. It’s been one I’ve returned back to many of times on my hunt for the perfect dress. My engagement photos would have to be taken in the Bon Voyage Bow Dress. Eek! Whoever the winner is will be ever so delighted with their awesome win!

  70. -100. Dava Brown says:

    I absolutely love these dresses. I love the romantic vibe each one has. Truly these are timeless classics already. Bravo!!!

  71. -100. Jessica says:

    Can I uncross my fingers yet? Who won??

  72. -100. Jordan says:

    I have a very pale complexion and I don’t often find wedding dresses that wouldn’t wash out my skin tone. These are beautiful.

  73. -100. Tamara says:

    OMG What amazing dresses! It is so hard to just choose 2! For the engagement dress I am MADLY in love with the Divine Gold Bubble Hem Dress. The Evelyn dress is LITERALLY my dream dress!

  74. -100. april simmons says:

    love the dresses!

  75. -100. Brittany says:

    I entered this awhile back, but it doesn’t look like my entry saved. Just in case, I LOVE Ruche wedding dresses and would love to win! My wedding is next summer and one of these dresses would be perfect! I love the Isis dress!

  76. -100. Gina Gennaro says:

    I would love any of the dresses! They are all beautiful!

  77. -100. Megan M says:

    I adore the blue Aubrey Structure Dress! So beautiful!

  78. -100. Juliana Pulido says:

    These dresses are absolutely beautiful!!! :)

  79. -100. Heather Morian says:

    Alexandria!!! and Amelie!!!

  80. -100. Jennifer Pairan says:

    These dresses are so beautiful!!

  81. -100. Christine P says:

    I LOVE the 6th set down from the top!!

  82. -100. arielle says:

    The Charolette is perfect for our garden wedding venue and the Valentina lace dress would be perfect for engagement photos and it could be perfect to wear at our rehearsal dinner too!!

  83. -100. Jessica says:

    I love the Ava and the Elle lace

  84. -100. Christine says:

    Ruche’s dresses are feminine, timeless, and gorgeous. I would wear the Peach Perfection Tulle dress for a rehearsal dinner and the Ava dress for my outdoor summer wedding. The sweetheart neckline on the Ava dress is so romantic and the beading is just spectacular!

    Happy engagement to all of the brides-to-be out there!

  85. -100. Josh says:

    my beautiful fiancé would make these dresses look even more beautiful!

  86. -100. Josh says:

    my fiance would look beautiful in the mint dress

  87. -100. Amanda P. says:

    These dresses are AMAZING. Would LOVE to wear them! Please pick me!

  88. -100. karen says:

    I would love and be honored to wear the Daphne and Peach perfection tulle dress. The entire collection is lovely.

  89. -100. elizabeth c says:

    I love the amelie as the engagement dress and the evelyn as the wedding gown!

  90. -100. Jenny K says:

    love this collection my favorite is the hydrangea maxi dress in teal and the Ava wedding dress

  91. -100. Alison Babcock says:

    I loved the Sophia monique dress and the angeline dresses!

  92. -100. Erica Solt says:

    There dresses are Beautiful!

  93. -100. Miranda Bangle says:

    Love all of these dresses!!

  94. -100. Cearra hill says:

    Okay, I have never heard of Ruche before and when I saw their dresses were vintage-styled I instantly fell in love…with ALL of them. But of course I’ve got my favorites.
    5.Margarete In Ivory
    Now I already had my dress picked out and it is very similar to this one (chiffon with pearl beaded halter) but this dress topped it, I’m getting this dress whether I win or not! :D
    1.Daphne <3

  95. -100. Priscila Wolf says:

    Absolutely love the dresses just beautiful :)

  96. -100. pamela says:

    So beautiful. I love the first dress and the second to last dress. So elegant.

  97. -100. Naz says:

    These are some gorgeous dresses!

  98. -100. Naz says:

    I love Ella Lace Midi Dress! It would be beautiful for an engagement party. MY absolute favorite of the wedding dresses is Victoria! Stunning!

  99. -100. Megan says:

    Peach perfection looks yummy

  100. -100. Jamie Carey says:

    I love the one where she is looking thru the vintage glass window. Would be perfect for our Bed and Breadkfast Beach Wedding.

  101. -100. Jessica Medina says:

    I love the dresses they are all gorgeous!

  102. -100. Crystal zumbrum says:

    I adore all of the dresses but the short champagne ruffled dress would be stunning for the rehearsal dinner. We are doing family photos that night too, so it would be the perfect way to shine!

  103. -100. Sheri Lenz says:

    I really LOVE the Charlotte bridal gown and the Ella Lace Midi Dress. They are both gorgeous! Good job!!

  104. -100. Kami says:

    Love love! Angeline for wedding dress and Glory Days Pleated Dress In White for engagement. Thank you!

  105. -100. Elizabeth Todd says:

    Love these dresses! So many beautiful choices! :)

  106. -100. palakana says:

    love the bridal dresses.

  107. -100. palakana says:

    love the all bridal dresses

  108. -100. Liz N says:

    I love the Victoria and the Ella Lace Midi dresses!

  109. -100. Suzanne says:

    Isla and Gwen in Pink

  110. -100. Alexira Rosario says:

    Absolutely stunning, so delicate and beautiful!

  111. -100. desaria says:


  112. -100. Jaime Dominoski says:

    I can only dream…. But dreams are what keep love & happiness alive. Wedding date: 11/2/13

    Bridesmaids: Hydrangea Maxi Dress In Charcoal
    Flower girl: Sunflower Ballet Crochet Detail Dress (if there is a color in the silver palette, that would be better)

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! And congratulations to whomever wins!

  113. -100. tiffany says:

    they are all so pretty

  114. -100. Taleah says:

    I would love to have the Dixie Floral Eyelet Dress in White for my engagement party, and Isla for my wedding!

    Beautiful dresses!

  115. -100. Laura W. says:

    What a gorgeous selection of dresses! I would feel beautiful in the Isla for an engagement dress and the Daphne wedding dress would surely be a crowd pleaser when walking down the aisle! :) Thank you for the opportunity to enter and good luck to every lady entering!

  116. -100. Laura W. says:

    Just realized this ended in April! Ooops!

  117. -100. Lauren Hayes says:

    The Gwen in Pink and Evelyn dresses are absolutely stunning! Beautiful designs and detail.

  118. -100. Jamie Lucchesi says:

    gorgeous dresses!

  119. -100. Natalie says:

    I’m getting married next year and just came across this giveaway. I was wondering if it was still going on. I couldn’t find an end date.

  120. -100. Kayla Salmon says:

    I am madly in love with the “Alexandria” for a wedding dress and the
    “Sophia Monique Tiered Lace Dress” for the engagement party. They are very beautiful and unique.

  121. -100. Natalie says:

    I really like the ‘Daphne’ dress and the ‘Margaret in Sand’. Gorgeous dresses.

  122. -100. Ashley Green says:

    Beautiful. My wedding is 6 months away and I still have no dress

  123. -100. Amanda Bond says:

    I love these dresses and I don’t have one for engagement or wedding!

  124. -100. Jenn says:

    I love all of these and I would be blessed to have any of them

  125. -100. Lindsay says:

    Charlotte for civil ceremony (we are traveling to Rhode Island for a gay wedding! :)) and Ava for bigger symbolic ceremony in NW Indiana. :)

    They are so beautiful and unique!

  126. -100. jennifer bolduc says:

    All the dresses are beautiful and the photo shoot was amazing. Loved the colors of the dresses.

  127. -100. Zoe Scott says:

    I love all of these!!! They are beautiful!

  128. -100. Sarah says:

    I love the dress that the model is posing with a window frame!

  129. -100. Kirstin McIntosh says:

    I would pick the Noelle or Alexandria dress for the wedding and the Charlotte dress for the engagement pictures. They are all gorgeous!

  130. -100. Bailee Harris says:

    Love these all. The antiques, classy look is to die for!

  131. -100. Christina Brinson says:

    I absolutely fell in LOVE with so many of the dresses from @shopruche !!

    I cannot wait to get married next year and would be overwhelmed to have myself and brides maides dressed in Ruche! This would be a dream come true that I never thought possible!


  132. -100. Christina Brinson says:

    Absolutely STUNNING dresses! Very beautiful. I would LOVE to have my wedding next year dressed in Ruche!!!!!

  133. -100. Abby Rose says:

    I’d pick the hydranga maxi for my bridesmaids, and the jacqueline marie bow dress for my shower! Read more at

  134. -100. Linda says:

    This would be a major blessing! Weddings are so expensive.

  135. -100. Alison says:

    I love the Adele and Chantalle, so many gorgeous dresses!

  136. -100. SHANTEL MIELES says:


  137. -100. jenny whiteley says:

    Oh my goodness, how could anyone choose! I love the Ava dress, the Hydrangea maxi dresses, the Gemma, Charlotte, Daphne! Oh How I hope I will this <3 <3 <3 Thank you so much <3 <3

  138. -100. Tessa says:

    Wow, these are all so gorgeous! I had a lot of trouble narrowing down my selection to just two dresses! I want to feel like a princess on my wedding day, and so I finally decided that I would choose the Zoe bridal gown for my special day. It is so ornate and elegant, yet simple enough so as not to overwhelm the bride. As for the engagement party, I chose the Francesca Crisscross Detail Dress…I know it’s intended for bridesmaids, but I couldn’t pass it up! I love its smooth, sleek design and deep sapphire color.

    Can’t wait!!

  139. -100. Tami GOrdon says:

    I realize I missed the deadline for the drawing but these dresses are absolutely stunning. Found this site on Pinterest. Looking for that first dress!

  140. -100. Natalie says:

    Ohhh man. I would get the Angelique wedding dress, and the Go the Distance Dress in Red for the engagement dress. I might get them whether I win it or not!

  141. -100. briana letts says:

    all of these dresses are absolutely breath taking. It would a dream come true to own one of them for my wedding i’d never have the money to afford them

  142. -100. Erin Mazzocca says:

    love these dresses!

  143. -100. Monique Santos says:

    I would be so lucky to have anyone of these gorgeous dresses. From the photo shoot they are all spectacular! My 2 favorite from the rest of the collection is the Zoe and Sheer bliss dresses. All are beautiful!!

  144. -100. Jessica poe says:

    I love these dresses there so flawless and relaxed perfect for my fall wedding. for the engagement party I would love to wear the Graceful charm dress and for the wedding Corrine emobred dress

  145. -100. Vanessa says:

    The Zoe dress is beautiful! Would love to win it!

  146. -100. Catherine Fiutem says:

    I love the teal, silk looking dress. Very stunning and would LOVE my bridesmaids to where a dress like that but in lavender. OR! If it came in white i’d love that for the rehearsal dinner. Very classing and fits my style <3,

  147. -100. Nina says:

    LOVE the Petra maxi dress for engagement part, so rustic and simple! I’d absolutely love to walk down the aisle in the Corrine Embroidered dress – so vintage and elegant!!


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