Elegant Portugal Wedding

We thought that this fun red wedding poster was only fitting for the day after Valentine’s day, and we are quite confident that you are also going to adore Rita and Tiago’s elegant Portugal Wedding.

Rita and Tiago’s main goal was to have a wedding that was completely personal and completely them. Starting out with Rita’s dress that was custom designed by Companhia das Noivas. She wanted to look like she does every day, but dressed as a bride. As you soon will see she looked beyond stunning, as did her handsome groom. There are so many more photos to see in the full gallery here. All beautifully photographed by Brancoprata.

Not only was the bride’s dress custom made, but each of the bridesmaids also had a custom dress that reflected each and every one of  their personalities.

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Photographer: Branco Prata

Flowers: Branco Prata
Makeup: Patri­cia Lima
Hair: Fatima Santos Hairstyling
Cake: Bolita Doces
Caterer: RC Eventos
Cinematography: The Amazing Rabbit
Dress Designer & Veil or Hair Accessories: Xana Amorim, Companhia das Noivas
Shoe Designer: Haity
DJ: Pedro Macedo |Jewelry: Ourivesaria Sousa | Stationery: Bride, Groom and Bride’s Brother | Venue: O Campo

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  1. -100. @NspiredHoneyBee says:

    I am just loving this elegant Portugal wedding @weddingchicks http://t.co/VvK8A0XN … the Portuguese are such beautiful people ;)

  2. -100. @elementweddings says:

    The fabulousness of this wedding is…well, it’s fabulous. Particular favorites include the glittery bridal heels,… http://t.co/Swd3v4Ca

  3. -100. @brancoprata says:

    Thank you @weddingchicks for the feature!!! We LOVE IT!!!! http://t.co/j0fFlTvp

  4. -100. @weddingchicks says:

    We just adore @brancoprata and this Portugal Wedding with @fncool http://t.co/AePw5tFZ

  5. -100. @mlvlatina says:

    RT @weddingchicks: We just adore @brancoprata and this Portugal Wedding with @fncool http://t.co/YOSCNYed

  6. -100. @JoelleDuff says:

    Have you SEEN the bows in this wedding on @weddingchicks? OBSESSED. http://t.co/6NA2PTk4

  7. -100. Kate/MagnoliaRouge says:

    Beautiful work S & A!! Just stunning!

  8. -100. Yasmin says:

    Where are the bridesmaids dresses from. So pretty!

  9. -100. A Day in May Design says:

    Simply stunning!

  10. -100. bolitadoces says:

    we made the cake but we just follow the bride good taste.

  11. -100. Hochzeitskleider says:

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  12. -100. @TimDuncanEvents says:

    What a beautiful pale pink wedding! http://t.co/owkwvNQq http://t.co/6Q45p9UZ

  13. Stunning images!! Beautiful wedding! and that poster is awesome :)

  14. -100. @LinenLoft says:

    Such a beautiful #realwedding! Love the soft pink color! http://t.co/xwOUTDUt #pinkwedding

  15. -100. Raylan Morgan says:

    I have got to have these bridesmaid dresses! Who is the designer?

  16. -100. Katie Davis says:

    Simply wonderful! Thank you!

  17. -100. Rita Ribeiro says:

    We love the end result in your publication!! We feel a tremendous honor and pride … Thank you @weddingchicks for this happiness! @brancoprata, thank you for making us feel special and feel the stimulus continuously recall the happiest day through your amazing work! <3

  18. -100. Dionne says:

    hello was just wondering if anyone found out yet about the bridesmaids dresses? where theyre from the designer etc they are lovely :-)

  19. -100. liu says:

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  20. -100. Jesseline says:

    What a beautiful wedding! I was wondering if someone could tell me where the bridesmaids dresses are from! I’d love to order them for my wedding as well! Thank you!

  21. -100. Jesseline says:

    Hello, I am just wondering where the bridesmaids dresses are from.
    Thank you:)

  22. -100. Delysia says:

    I love your wedding shoes, and what a beautiful wedding party.

  23. -100. Christina says:

    I absolutely love the shoes!!!!!! Where can I buy them???

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