Pearls and Lace | Arrowhead Mountain Wedding

Being an Orange County Wedding Photographer. I had to started my day off early to make it up the beautiful mountain side to the Lake Arrowhead Resort.  Jana and Justin wanted a snowy white wedding and that is exactly what they got.  While waiting for the Bride to appear,  tiny snow flakes started falling from the sky on family and friends.

This is one of my favorite shots…..

The First Dance.

I finished shooting Jana and Justin’s wedding and rushed to my car to put on chains because the snow was really started to fall…..and barely made it down the mountain before they closed all the roads….. Jana told me later that 60 minutes after I left they closed all the roads leading down the mountain and all the hotels were booked up…..needless to say they had a very romantic evening in their Honeymoon suite with 15 other guests spending the night in their room…. Thanks again Jana and Justin for trusting me with your White Wedding.

All images were taken by Darnall Photography.


















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  1. -100. Audra Lynn says:

    Awesome! These are amazing! They totally capture the magic of the day and my brother and sister-in-law. Thank you!

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