DIY Detail & Favor Wedding Projects

New Year’s Eve DIY Projects

We hope that everyone is having a relaxing holiday, if you are in the midst of planning your New Year’s Eve party we thought we would share a few projects from that fabulous New Year’s Eve Wedding. They are both easy and pretty quick, and are sure to sparkle up any party.

DIY gold leaf candles from Petal Floral Design is going to to show us how to turn a drab candled to fab in a matter of minutes. All you will need is the following – paint brush, desired candle, gold leaf paint step 1: flip candle over to start from the base, moving your strokes down step 2: continue painting all around the width of the candle step 3: voila, put it in a beautiful clear vase for protection and you’ve simply turned your candle.

DIY “sips + sweets” glitter sign by mStarr event styling and design
What you need: a piece of wood … any piece of wood {I used an old shelf!} cut to the appropriate size, pencil, nails with a decorative head, hammer, string, glitter, spray adhesive
step 1: write out your words in pencil on the wood and using a sharpie, start placing dots as evenly spaced as possible along the pencil outline and then inside or outside, mimicking the outline
step 2: lightly hammer in the nails on top of the dots
steps 3 : apply spray adhesive in sections and generously sprinkle glitter over wood until each section is covered and let dry.
step 4: shake the excess glitter off the sign and add more glitter if needed
step 5: once dry, start wrapping the string around the nails to form the letters. Way Cute!