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DIY No Sew Bandana Runner

Are you ready to get started on your DIY BBQ Engagement Party? Lucky for us and for you, Petal Pixie shared a few fabulous diy projects to make your party even better. First off we have a no sew bandana runner that is super simple, affordable and adds a pop of color to your table. Read on for the easiest diy project ever, only five simple steps and you are on your way to a super cute table runner.

DIY No Sew Bandana Runner
Step 1- wash and iron bandanas
Step 2- measure out length of stitch witchery
Step 3- create the seam and spritz lightly with spray bottle
Step 4- iron the seam to activate the stitch witchery ( ironed a few times to really make sure the stitch witchery was attaching well)
Step 5- Repeat until you reach desired length