I Do Venues: An Eco Chic Wedding at The Gaia Building

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The rooftop gardens at Berkeley’s Gaia Building are breathtaking. The Gaia Building is a residential building that sits a stone’s throw away from the entrance of UC Berkeley. The building has a colorful history and its architecture and open spaces are refined. The rooftop garden was originally built as a quiet place for tenants to rest and relax, high above the bustling urban activity found in the charming historic city.

The breathtaking views are unmeasurable. As a Berkeley resident, often times it is easy to forget where you are. From seven floors above the city, you and your guests can look directly at the spires of the Golden Gate Bridge, the welcoming point for everyone who enters the Bay Area. Directly to the east is a piece of UC history – the campanile clock tower has been keeping time among the hallowed halls of the university for over half a century and is one of the iconic landmarks of the area. The Gaia rooftop garden is a favorite with UC alumni and it presents a gorgeous, serene location to take in panoramic views that feature the best Berkeley has to offer.

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Eco Chic. This is a buzz phrase that has been making quite an impression at design shows and bridal fairs recently. In the Bay Area, there is a growing wave of brides who are making it a point to reduce the carbon footprint that their wedding celebration has on the planet.

Floral design has dominated the wedding industry for centuries. Many brides attempting to plan a green wedding have realized that the floral elements used in the design can make a huge impact on the overall “carbon” footprint of the celebration. One would think that flowers are eco-friendly by nature, but in today’s demanding world, we have found ways to source flowers that are out of season or not indigenous to the area or the country.

The choice of flowers is a huge way that a couple can look at making sure their wedding is eco-friendly. Hot house flowers are readily available; however, hot house flowers tend to be out of season and/or sourced from other countries. The amount of energy used in hot house flower production is far greater than that of locally grown and in-season flowers. If your flowers have to fly halfway around the world to make their appearance at your wedding, think about the fuel used for delivery.

If you are looking to have a green-themed wedding, it is important that you look at options that use local and seasonal flower choices. Spring and summer weddings obviously have the easiest time and the largest selection of seasonal color and variety available, but there are many resources to help you find the best solution to your flower quarry.

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