Romantic Vineyard Wedding Lincourt Winery

Do you want your wedding to be romantic with a touch of rustic? The overall feeling to be relaxed, but well put together and elegant all the same moment. If you answered yes, then our next wedding is for you. This romantic vineyard wedding is filled with unique and thoughtful touches that were not only special, but also incredibly stylish. You must read on to here more from the bride.

Held at Lincourt Winery, set amidst the majestic wine country foothills of Santa Ynez Valley. Emily and Jordan otherwise known as the bride and groom celebrated with friends and family, ate delicious food and danced under the twinkling lights. The day went as seamless as it sounds, all thanks to event planner and designer Brooke Keegan. You can see every last photo in our full gallery here. All beautifully captured by Sean Walker Photography.

We looked a couple different venues, but soon decided we loved the relaxed rustic feel of the vineyards in the Santa Ynez valley. From the moment we arrived at Lincourt we knew it was the place! Since my family is in the dairy business I loved that Lincourt was once an old dairy farm. The quaint setting also inspired the rest of the décor. I wanted everything to be simple yet beautiful and reflect our casual style.

Some of my favorite details in the wedding were the handmade touches. My grandma and I made little fabric bags to fill with Dutch mints that reminded me of my childhood and we had my young cousins pass them out at the ceremony—it was so fun to have all of them involved

One of our favorite moments was listening to a trio of family and friends play our favorite hymn “How Firm a Foundation” during the ceremony. Standing there in front of family and friends, with my sisters and best friends beside me, looking up at Jordan’s comforting smile I felt so overwhelmed with joy and excitement. Both Jordan and I agree that our wedding day was perhaps the most fun we have had in one day… ever.

Our florist, Kelly Kaufman of Florette Floral Designs did an amazing job capturing the loose romantic vision I had for the flowers. By the time the dinner bell rang I was super hungry and so excited to dive into the delicious tri-tip, veggies, and corn bread muffins provided by SBB Gourmet Catering—it went perfectly with the wine provided by Lincourt Winery. Our wedding coordinator Brooke Keegan and her assistants took care of everything and even our guests where blown away at how seamless everything was.

My grandpa’s vintage 1961 Lincoln Continental was our get away car and I just love the pictures our amazing photographer took of us in it. We cannot say enough good things about our photographer Sean Walker, not only are the pictures beautiful but he is so fun to work with and we could tell he sincerely cared about us. Although I actually never saw it in person except for a quick drive by.

One thing I was most excited about was the milk and cookie table set up for the guests at the end of the night. The little jars where filled with milk from my family’s dairy and the cookies were delicious! We wished the reception could have gone on forever, we are so glad we could let loose and celebrate with the most important people in our lives. Looking back on the day my heart swells with gratitude for how much love and support we felt that day.

Be sure to watch the lovely film from Chach Hernandez below. Simply beautiful and stylish, just like their wedding. We love the part were Jordan carries Emily through the vineyards. Adorable!

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Coordinator: Brooke Keegan
Wedding Stationery: Wedding Chicks
Day of Material: First Snow

Photographer: Sean Walker Photography
Venue: Lincourt Winery
Flowers: Florette Floral Designs
Cinematography: Chach Hernandez
Cake: Decadence Fine Cakes and Confections
Caterer: SBB Gourmet Catering
Makeup: Jessica Neff of The Rico Collective
Hair: Jill Ross from Allure Salon San Ynez
DJ: Karl Sanger of Music Unlimited
Lighting: LBPS Events
Officiant: Benji Bruneel
Dress Designer: Jim Hjelm
Bridesmaid Dresses: J. Crew
Shoe Designer: Seychelles
Groom’s Attire: J.Crew
Veil or Hair Accessories: Hair Clip from BHLDN
Prop or Furniture Rentals: Classic Party Rentals
Bride and Groom Chair Signs: Wedding Chicks
Ceremony Musicians: Miles Johnson, Allyson Aarendsee, Brett DeGroot | Jewelry: Borrowed from her Mom and Sister


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  1. I love the cookies and milk idea. Very cute and thoughtful. And the dress is just gorgeous!

  2. -100. @brookekeegan says:

    We are featured on @weddingchicks today!

  3. -100. @weddingchicks says:

    Gorgeous Central Coast Wedding with Milk + Cookies! @brookekeegan @swalkerphoto @lincourtvyds @sbbgourmet con’t …

  4. -100. @brookekeegan says:

    RT @weddingchicks: Gorgeous Central Coast Wedding with Milk + Cookies! @brookekeegan @swalkerphoto @lincourtvyds @sbbgourmet con’t …

  5. -100. @weddingchicks says:

    Lincourt Winery styled by @brookekeegan with @sangertalent
    @jim_hjelm @jcrew @LBPS_Events @Seychellesshoes @BHLDN

  6. -100. @brookekeegan says:

    RT @weddingchicks: Lincourt Winery styled by @brookekeegan with @sangertalent
    @jim_hjelm @jcrew @LBPS_Events @Seychellesshoes @BHLDN

  7. -100. @HeatherNWhite says:

    RT @weddingchicks: Gorgeous Central Coast Wedding with Milk + Cookies! @brookekeegan @swalkerphoto @lincourtvyds @sbbgourmet con’t …

  8. What a beautiful wedding. I love the cookies and milk!

  9. -100. @dchicdesigns says:

    RT @weddingchicks: Gorgeous Central Coast Wedding with Milk + Cookies! @brookekeegan @swalkerphoto @lincourtvyds @sbbgourmet con’t …

  10. -100. @TypeTenPaperie says:

    RT @weddingchicks: Gorgeous Central Coast Wedding with Milk + Cookies! @brookekeegan @swalkerphoto @lincourtvyds @sbbgourmet con’t …

  11. Those mint bridesmaids dresses are stunning! And the couple has lovely taste in venues.. ;)

  12. Such a beautiful day! I love the bride’s gown!

  13. -100. @Lincourtvyds says:

    <3 RT @weddingchicks: Lincourt Winery styled by @brookekeegan with @sangertalent
    @Jim_Hjelm @jcrew @LBPS_Events @BHLDN

  14. -100. jeb says:

    You are my wedding twin. I almost got that Jim Hjelm dress, I’m have the exact same bridesmaids dresses, and very similar flowers. Gorge!

  15. -100. @weddingchicks says:

    @brookekeegan knows the way to a guest’s heart .. with cookies AND ice cold milk!

  16. -100. @brookekeegan says:

    RT @Lincourtvyds: <3 RT @weddingchicks: Lincourt Winery styled by @brookekeegan with @sangertalent
    @Jim_Hjelm @jcrew @LBPS_Events @BHLDN

  17. -100. @brookekeegan says:

    RT @weddingchicks: @brookekeegan knows the way to a guest’s heart .. with cookies AND ice cold milk!

  18. -100. @brookekeegan says:

    Love our wedding feature on @weddingchicks today! So many pretty pastels…

  19. -100. @weddingchicks says:

    RT @brookekeegan: Love our wedding feature on @weddingchicks today! So many pretty pastels…

  20. -100. @emilyscater says:

    RT @brookekeegan: Love our wedding feature on @weddingchicks today! So many pretty pastels…

  21. -100. @MyFavery says:

    You had us at ‘Cookie Bar’ – RT @weddingchicks: Gorgeous Central Coast Wedding with Milk + Cookies!

  22. -100. @beckoningdesign says:

    Romantic Vineyard Wedding Lincourt Winery via @WeddingChicks

  23. -100. @swalkerphoto says:

    Emily and Jordan’s wedding is featured on The Wedding Chicks!!…

  24. -100. Marcy Lamont says:

    So beautiful and romantic. Loved the milk and cookie bar x

  25. -100. @beckoningdesign says:

    Romantic Vineyard Wedding Lincourt Winery

  26. Absolutely LOVE the brides dress! It is soooo gorgeous!
    As are the maids dresses – so pretty. Well the whole wedding is knock out pretty! Beautiful stuff!

  27. -100. Alex says:

    Those bridesmaids are hot! But not as hot as The Jordan!!!!

  28. -100. Grama Katie says:

    What a beautiful couple and a beautiful day!

  29. -100. @Lincourtvyds says:

    Just gorgeous! RT @beckoningdesign: Romantic Vineyard #Wedding Lincourt #Winery via @weddingchicks

  30. -100. Lewis says:

    I’m getting married to my beloved husband Azzam he is 22 and we go dinner together and go everywhere and movie world we fun together and love each other.

  31. The milk and cookies idea is such a sweet and unique touch! Thanks for sharing!

  32. -100. Kristina Juarbe says:

    Beautiful and stunning!

  33. -100. Tammy says:

    Beautiful dress , there is to much to say how pretty the venue was the dresses flowers ect.. the cutest thing i have ever seen is the cookies and milk but here in arizona that would not work lol
    great job !! Congratulations

  34. Gorgeous photographic feature!

  35. -100. Angela Peters says:

    where did you get the plastic containers for the milk? so cute!

  36. -100. Kristi Martone says:

    What a stunning wedding. LOVE the milk bottles! Where did you get them?

  37. -100. Aubree Smith says:

    This is such a cute wedding! I am also thinking of doing a milk and cookie bar for an upcoming graduation, but I am having a hard time finding milk bottles….do you know where they found theirs?

  38. -100. ArtsyBride says:

    Where do you buy the adorable mini milk jugs? I love the idea of a milk and cookie bar but I’ve looked at alot of sites and I can’t find any similar kind of container. Could you help me out?

  39. -100. Brandi says:

    The milk jugs are so cute where did they gone from?

  40. -100. diana lyle says:

    Where can I get the milk plastic vials and cookie envelopes in the picture for the ride home…?

  41. -100. Wanda Lovell says:

    I thought the wedding was beautiful. My son is getting married and has
    always loved “mild and cookies”, I was wondering just where you were able
    to get the “milk” bottle looking bottles that were used at the milk and cookies bar. Thank you- Wanda

  42. -100. Geraldine says:

    Very nice photos and event. Where did you find the miniature milk bottles?

  43. Lovely wedding!….adorable the milk and cookie idea, have not seen before! (Fab not only for vineyard weddings but for rustic, country or outdoor areas.) Thanks for share.

  44. -100. Kimberly says:

    I’m having a vintage inspired baby shower and I wanted to know where did you get those milk containers from?

  45. -100. Casandra Jansson says:

    I love the cookies and mild although I have been on the hunt for small milk containers , any suggestion?

  46. -100. Courtney Carter says:

    Love, love, love everything about this wedding!! What is the name of the style of the Jim Hjelm dress? It’s beautiful!

  47. -100. Sandy says:

    LOVE!! So cute!! The cookies and milk bar is a great idea but where did you find the milk jugs? I can’t find those anywhere!!

  48. -100. Ashley says:

    Where did you get the littlest jars for the milk? Love them!

  49. -100. Paulette says:

    Did anyone ever find out where to get the little milk bottles?

  50. -100. Adrienne Brown says:

    love the mini milk bottles. where can I buy them at please comtact me by Email

  51. -100. Lori Friedman says:

    Amazing dress! Love the milk and cookies ideas, too.

  52. -100. Keeley says:

    I am in love with this dress!!! Anywhere online where I can find it????

  53. -100. Keeley says:

    Dose anyone know if this is jim hjelm’s dress style #1006????

  54. -100. Jackie says:

    Could you please tell me where to find the mini milk bottles? Beautiful wedding!

  55. -100. mandie says:

    Beautiful! Wondering where/how you did the individual milk bottles?

  56. -100. sue says:

    Where could I order the small milk bottles with the tops that have the bride and grooms name?

  57. -100. Kayla says:

    Can you please tell me where you bought the little milk bottles from?! They are adorable !! Thank you!

  58. -100. vivo diamonds says:

    Great blog, I like it.

  59. -100. Vivo Diamonds says:

    Wow! beautiful picture. These are the best wedding pictures.

  60. -100. Melissa says:

    Wow love the milk containers! Where can we buy some! to use for my daughter’s birthday party. Shes a december baby. What better theme than milk and cookies!!!

  61. -100. HGT86 says:

    Lovely wedding!!! Love the cookies and milk idea. Where did you guys get the milk carton/container from???

  62. -100. Dancon says:

    Where can I get the tiny milk bottles and caps??

  63. -100. Devan Barger says:

    I am also doing a milk and cookie bar!! Your wedding is so inspiring! Could you please give me the link to the milk jugs ? I cannot find any that I like !
    Thanks so very much for your help!!


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