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Sargento Natural Blends Cheeses are two delicious natural cheeses combined into one great taste experience. Just like you and your love! In celebration of that lovely unity, Sargento is giving you the chance to win $5,000 towards your wedding or honeymoon.

How fabulous would it be to have an extra $5000 for your honeymoon or wedding? Pretty darn great … right? You could get the photographer of your dreams or sit back, relax and watch a Tahitian sunset. Read on to here how to enter the chance to win all that mulah. Bonus read on to see how you can also enter to win a $300 gift card to a fabulous home decor store.

How To win $5000 from Sargento Natural Blends Cheeses

From now until October 30, couples and their family and friends can share their love story on the Sargento Facebook. All you need to do is visit their page, like Sargento, you will see the, “Enter Win” graphic in their photos. Click on it and there will be an easy form to fill out. You will need the following information

1. Share one word that describes the couple
2. Share the couple’s favorite food to pair or blend with cheese at an engagement party
3. Submit a photo of the couple and a 200-word or fewer essay describing what makes the couple a “natural blend”

How To make a Panini using Sargento Natural Blends Cheeses

2 slices sourdough bread
2 tsp pesto spread
3-4 slices Sargento Natural Blends Cheeses
2 slices tomatoes
1 handful arugula
Olive oil as needed

1. Prepare the panini pan: Make sure the panini grill is hot. Drizzle olive oil on the grill.
2. In the meantime assemble sandwich. Spread bread with pesto, place the cheese on each slice of bread, then on the bottom half place the tomatoes and arugula and put the top half on top.
3. Drizzle the top of the sandwich with olive oil and place on the panini grill. Cook until the cheese is completely melted and bread is toasted evenly. Enjoy!

You can also test your compatibility through a cheese personality quiz on the Sargento Facebook page. (you will see it on the entry form in the lower right hand corner) Are you one-in-the-same like Double Cheddar or a surprising pair like Cheddar-Mozzarella? Either way, Sargento knows every couple has its own unique flavor that will help them live happily ever after in Naturally Blended Bliss.

Leave us a comment below on your  favorite food to pair or blend with cheese at an engagement party for the chance to win $350 to a home décor store! We will be contacting the winner this Friday (September 21, 2012) via email. Kitchen photo above via houzz.


  1. How To Make a Panini | Plus Win $5000 From Sargento: Sargento’s Natural Cheese blends are two delicious natural …

  2. How To Make a Panini | Plus Win $5000 From Sargento: Sargento’s Natural Cheese blends are two delicious… #wedding

  3. How To Make a Panini | Plus Win $5000 From Sargento

  4. @weddingchicks How To Make a Panini | Plus Win $5000 From Sargento

  5. -100. Monica says:

    I love grilled cheese and tend to mix cheddar with parmesan cheese… I use the cheddar for the inside, then I sprinkle the parmesan on the hot pan and place the grilled sandwich on top.. the parmesan melts upon the bread making an extra crust on the outside… oh my

  6. -100. Tamara C says:

    My favorite cheese blend is a sharp cheddar and smoky gouda which I mix into my mashed potatoes! So creamy and delightful! The two cheeses blended together gives your mashed potatoes just the kick they need!

  7. -100. Missy says:

    Does wine count as a food to pair with cheese?? :)
    I love Sargento’s pre sliced baby swiss deli cheese and there’s nothing better than topping a cracker with some cheese and smoked salmon. Yum!

  8. -100. Crystal Boni says:

    I love a caprese salad! a delicious slice of mozzeralla, big slice of tomato some basil and then drizzled with olive oil and balsalmic glaze! yum!

  9. -100. Catherine says:

    Mmmm. For my engagement party I’d love a sharp cheddar served with a spread of green apples, olives, and whole wheat crackers. That way guests could go salty or sweet.

  10. -100. Erica Hartmann says:

    There are so many cheese combos that I love :)

    A few would include:
    Mozzarella with fresh tomatoes, basil on crostini (with balsamic vinegar.. of course)
    I also love preparing a baked brie. Wrap brie in a puff pastry. It’s really simple. You can also add walnuts and cranberries inside the pastry as well. Serve with grapes and crackers. If you want an extra touch, drizzle honey over the baked brie… It’s soooo yummy.

    And of course, all cheese combos would be paired with yummy wines and good friends to share with :)

  11. -100. Laura Wood says:

    Hands down: goat cheese on a toasted baguette, drizzled with honey. But really….any cheese combination will make me swoon.

  12. -100. Jen says:

    I love to do stuffed portobello mushroom cap bites with
    Ground Italian sausage and then topped with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese mix! Yummy! And of course serve with wine :)

  13. -100. Elizabeth says:

    Goat cheese with homemade bread a little yellow pepper and chive. It is delicious!

  14. How To Make a Panini | Plus Win some loot from Sargento

  15. -100. Melody Madarang says:

    For my engagement party I really want my guests to feel comfortable! With that in mind I want to include the ultimate comfort food in appetizer form -mini mac and cheese cups with white cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan! YUM! Also really love the Almond Ricotta Cheesecake recipe from Sargento.. a welcome break from all the crazy wedding planning! :)

  16. -100. Lindsay B. says:

    Mmm, goat cheese with apricot jam on crostini…. Delish!

  17. -100. Jess K says:

    There would be nothing better than little grilled cheese sandwiches made from the infamous colby jack cheese that will melt lovely and still have the perfect stringy texture. Give everyone the option of toppings of either roasted red peppers or tomato slices and maybe even a little shredded chicken and bon appetit! Perfect with the classic tomato soup or add some more cheese and have a classic Wisconsin cheese soup.

  18. -100. diana says:

    James and I love cheese….I might love it a little more than him though ;)
    Our engagement party is in less than a month…and we are doing a brunch for our party! We are having a bagel station with lots of different kinds of cheeses to choose from! :)

  19. -100. Cassandra Herion says:

    My fiance makes the best manicotti using a blend of Sargento cheeses, mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, and an italian cheese blend. It would make an absolutely fabulous engagement party dinner! :)

  20. -100. Brittany says:

    Wine! I guess a real food item would be fruit. But wine is made from fruit too . . .

  21. -100. Laura says:

    I love all kinds of cheese! It just might be my favorite food. But I love pairing mozzarella with tomato and basil in a caprese salad with a little drizzle of balsamic. This works great at an engagement party as an appetizer when served on skewers!

  22. -100. Bridget says:

    I love any and every kind of cheese! For my engagement party, I would love to have a cheese plate with a variety of Sargento cheeses, french bread, honey, apples, and an olive tapenade. Guests could try all of the different cheeses and pairings. Delicious!

  23. -100. Amanda says:

    I like to have moscato, crackers, and cheese!

  24. -100. Erika says:

    We aren’t having an engagement party, but if we were, I love a good cheese paired with baguettes and grapes.

  25. -100. Jaimee Morse says:

    Sweet and sour little smokies!

  26. -100. Barbara Martinez says:

    I love pairing cheese with either prosciutto or jamon serrano and some crackers. It’s the perfect snack either alone or for a big party. Can’t go wrong!

  27. -100. Nicole S. says:

    In our house Beer is it’s own food group. For our engagement party we paired our favorite Sargento cheeses with craft beers! The sharp yellow cheddar pairs well with a spicy India Pale Ale and the creamy swiss goes great with a smooth Brown ale!

  28. -100. Lauren A. says:

    My favorite way to blend cheeses at an engagement party, or any party really, is brown sugar, walnuts and brie. If it is heated up, its even better. I usually make it all enclosed in a puff pastry dough too. Always the first thing to go when at one of our parties.

  29. -100. emily f. says:

    This sounds weird, but is so dang good! Take an apple pie and top it with slices of sharp cheddar and then pop it back in the oven to melt right before serving. It’s gooey and rich and sweet and savory – all wrapped up into one!

  30. Delish! @weddingchicks have the spread on how to win cheese and $350 for home decor – perfect for the new couple!

  31. Amazing Sandwich. Anything with toasted cheese tastes amazing.

  32. -100. Ashley says:

    I’m simple! I love any of Sargento’s cheeses paired with fresh organic apple slices! Perfect for engagement parties and/or weddings! (Put them on toothpicks along with other fruit to make mini-shishkabobs)

  33. -100. liz says:

    Lobster macaroni & cheese is a tasty dish to share at an engagement party. Because it is so filling, it would be ideal for guests to have a couple of spoonfuls.

  34. wedding chicks got a little cheesy today … come over an see what we made. (;

  35. -100. Korina says:

    My favorite food to pair with cheese has to be tortillas. The possibilities are endless! Burritos, enchiladas, quesidallas. All fancy and made up cute of course ;) to be served as the most appetizing engagement party snack. Who can’t fall in love with any type of melted cheese?

  36. -100. Jeanne says:

    My favorite is caprese salad (mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil with a drizzle of olive oil & balsamic vinegar)!

  37. -100. Sara says:

    My favorite pairing with cheese is tomatoes. You can pair them in a caprese skewer or broil some cheese on top of the tomato. So good!

  38. -100. Lyka says:

    I like sharp cheddar with red grapes!

  39. -100. Kelley Barr says:

    I love crostini topped with fruit preserves and brie, baked until melty! Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  40. -100. Kristen says:

    In our house of cheese lovers, we love to add pears to gorgonzola. It’s a great balance of sweet and sharp flavors.

  41. -100. Keenan Maire Korab says:

    Cheese and crackers doesn’t always cut it for my boy and I. We’re romana tomatoes with a good sharp cheddar, or peach slices with pepper jack. Sweet and spicy combos definitely always steal the show.

  42. -100. aimpic says:

    Grapes and cheese are a perfect combo in my opinion. You could always make cute little skewers with both to make them easy to eat at a cocktail party.

  43. -100. Emily says:

    I love the classic combination of mozzarella, tomato, and basil!

  44. -100. Lisa says:

    In my eyes, engagement parties are meant to be fun and celebratory. And with my fiance, anything that is fun and celebratory and occurs in the fall just has to include some football. Which, I have to agree, is pretty darn awesome! So, our engagement party is definitely going to include some nachos. Is there any other food that is better for a group of people watching football and celebrating love!? But my nachos have a surprise, they’re made with a combo of pepper jack and medium cheddar cheese, and it gives them just the right kick!

  45. -100. megan says:

    i love to pair cheese with figs because it looks so beautiful and feels so fancy!

  46. um yum. thank you for tonight’s dinner! RT @weddingchicks got a little cheesy today…come over an see what we made. (;

  47. -100. Sarah says:

    Crackers! And the occassional piece of fruit :) I never turn down gouda.

  48. Share your love story for a chance at 5K for your honey moon. @WeddingChicks #WW_Contests Oct30

  49. -100. Meredith says:

    I love to blend jam with cheese. It adds a little bit of sweetness and is so yummy!

  50. -100. Caitlin says:

    A homemade vegetarian lasagna with zucchini and green peppers. For an engagement party, it’s perfect since it’s fairly easy on the wallet to whip up such a filling dish and it’s a comfort food that would be sure to please even the pickiest of family members!

  51. -100. Taylor says:

    cheese, honey, and fruit. simple perfection.

  52. Enter Win $5000 from Sargento + Enter to win $350 to decorate your home right over at the WC! Come on over!

  53. RT @weddingchicks: Enter Win $5000 from Sargento + Enter to win $350 to decorate your home right over at the WC! Come on over! http://t

  54. RT @weddingchicks: Enter Win $5000 from Sargento + Enter to win $350 to decorate your home right over at the WC! Come on over! http://t

  55. Win $5000 From Sargento, by liking them and entering on facebook! Do it! (:

  56. Win $350 to a home decor store from Sargento just by leaving a comment on the post! (; Yay for home decor!

  57. RT @weddingchicks: Win $5000 From Sargento, by liking them and entering on facebook! Do it! (:

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