Cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas

At Wedding Chicks, we’re all about celebrating every aspect of your wedding including asking your bridesmaids to be part of your wedding party. Why not make a day out of the event? Get dressed up, eat a few sweets and enjoy your besties. To inspire this incredibly special day, Pink and Honey came up with this inspirational shoot to showcase sweet moments shared by bridesmaids as they celebrate love and friendship.

See all the photos in the full gallery captured by Genevieve Renee Photographie  and read on for more tips from Pink and Honey. All of her styling tips could easily translate into your bridesmaid wedding look for the actual wedding.

From Pink and Honey

Combining a romantic color palette of soft mint, blush pink, burnt gold and cream, we hope to inspire styling bridesmaids in an individual yet cohesive way. In selecting very different color and style dresses, each girl stood out as her own unique self. To ensure continuity, we were careful to choose similar, flowy fabrics, as well as similar hem lengths. Most importantly was that the color combinations were complementary.

We picked dainty gold jewellery for each bridesmaid and styled their hair in carefree curls to help tie the look together. By keeping the hair, makeup and accessories consistent, the dress variances worked together effortlessly. Top secret: Each of the bridesmaid’s dresses cost less than $35.00 at Forever 21!

So whether it be a moment to steal a bite of cake or to chase a beautiful butterfly, a bride is always thrilled to see her best gals enjoy the special day as much as she

Floral design is another key element that can draw bridal party style together beautifully. Our bridesmaids carried matching bouquets using variations of the same flowers to create a visually calming moment against their unique dresses.

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Photographer: Genevieve Renee Photographie
Event Styling: Pink and Honey
Cake: Pretty Sweet Co.
Dress Designer: Forever 21
Flowers: Rebecca Dawn Flower Design
Jewelry: Stella & Dot
Stationery: Uh Oh My Deer
Makeup & Hair: Leanne Wood
Models: Brooklynne Gladysz, Kristin Barwich and Andrea Fulmek

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  1. Cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas: At Wedding Chicks, we’re all about celebrating every aspect of your weddin…

  2. Cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas

  3. Thrilled to be featured on @weddingchicks today! Check out our bridesmaids inspiration shoot

  4. Cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas: At Wedding Chicks, we’re all about celebrating every aspect of yo… #wedding

  5. I love the little cakes…so sweet! RT @weddingchicks: Cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas

  6. RT @weddingchicks: Cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas

  7. RT @weddingchicks: Cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas

  8. RT @weddingchicks: Cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas

  9. RT @weddingchicks Cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas

  10. RT @weddingchicks: Cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas

  11. So fun to be a part of this amazing shoot with @PinkandHoney! “@weddingchicks: Cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas”

  12. Very excited to be featured with @PinkandHoney and @GenevieveRenee on @weddingchicks today!

  13. Super cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas! @pinkandhoney @GenevieveRenee @RDflowerdesign @prettysweetco @uhohmydeer

  14. RT @weddingchicks: Super cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas! @pinkandhoney @GenevieveRenee @RDflowerdesign @prettysweetco @uhohmydeer

  15. RT @weddingchicks: Super cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas! @pinkandhoney @GenevieveRenee @RDflowerdesign @prettysweetco @uhohmydeer

  16. RT @weddingchicks: Super cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas! @pinkandhoney @GenevieveRenee @RDflowerdesign @prettysweetco @uhohmydeer

  17. Pretty sweet is featured on @weddingchicks blog!! Along with the most amazing and talented ladies!!
    Check it out!

  18. -100. Kris says:

    This is beyond! Love those mini cakes, so darling! Pinning away ;)

  19. RT @miss_brooklynne: So fun to be a part of this amazing shoot with @PinkandHoney! “@weddingchicks: Cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas”

  20. -100. Genevieve Gladysz says:

    Lovely shoot!

  21. Loving the romantic colours of this Bridesmaids shoot!

  22. Loving this “Will You be my Bridesmaid” idea! And tell us, how did you ask your ‘maids?…

  23. RT @weddingchicks: Cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas

  24. -100. (@Danhov) (@Danhov) says:

    Will you be my bridesmaid ideas #bridesmaid

  25. How did you ask your ‘maids? If you haven’t asked them yet, here’s a cute idea:

  26. RT @weddingchicks: Cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas

  27. RT @DessyGroup: RT @weddingchicks: Cute Will You Be My Bridesmaid Ideas

  28. Ask your #bridesmaids to be part of your wedding party and make a day out of the event, take a look!

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  30. -100. Kendall says:

    I was wondering where the bridesmaid with the mint dress got her dress? Please let me know if you can!! Thank you so much!

  31. -100. Livea says:

    Definately a wedding to rmbemeer! And thank you for the gorgeous photos, Suse they’re stunning! Think I might have to frame that one of Miss K and Dee, I just love it!!

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